What is XANA

Metaverse Infrastructure
for billions of users

XANA is an EVM based blockchain infrastructure custom-built for the Metaverse. Compatible with all popular wallets, bridged with all major blockchains, and already adopted by the major institutions and global brands.

Universal Device Metaverse Platform
(Public Alpha Live)

Native GameFi
(Private Alpha 2022Q2)

Primary NFT Marketplace

Why Metaverse

$8 trillion addressable market

Ever since Facebook’s recent name change and new focus on the ‘metaverse,’ there has been massive interest in the concept of a virtual world which could replace today’s internet—and that means a massive new opportunity for investors, according to Morgan Stanley.

Wall Street firm Morgan Stanley sees the metaverse as an $8 trillion addressable market which is likely to become the “next generation social media, streaming and gaming platform.”

What XANA Delivers

Metaverse for everyone

  1. XANA chain: The blockchain network which realizes robust infrastructure for the Metaverse. 
  2. XANA Metaverse app: Universal device-ready Metaverse app optimized for smartphones.
  3. $XETA token: The eco-stream for this entire Metaverse ecosystem.
  4. XANALIA: Marketplace, to buy and sell your NFTs.
  5. NFTDUEL: The Native GameFi in XANA metaverse that you can earn while you are playing game with your NFT.
  6. XANALIA app: The mobile asset management app which also can be your Metaverse wallet.
  7. XANA Builder: The builder for the Avatar, World and Games to build anything in Metaverse with no coding knowledge.

Trusted by
International Institutions

XANA has partnered with the largest institutions within various segments. The Olympics, Tokyo city, Fuji group, Top Anime brands in one roof to represent on XANA Metaverse, with additional government agencies and billion-customer businesses next in line.

Koto / Tokyo Olympic Exhivision

The Japans' largest media Group

Japans' Regional Government

Onramp for
Global Entertainment

Life is a culmination of work and desires, boiling towards achieving happiness. The most uniform globally recognized means of it is entertainment. Every major brand integrates or solely focuses on entertainment. Every human savors it.

Entertainment has evolved. From physical to digital, and within digital it has transformed from web 1 to web 2. In this journey, people went from pure consumers of entertainment to creators of it. Now, with web 3 they will be joint owners of entertainment. XANA is the foundation for this transformation.

XANA is a layer-1 for optimized metaverse utility, readily deployable games and gaming infrastructure, functioning NFT tools, and a tremendous selection of IP that keeps growing.

XANA provides major brands to easily tap into the metaverse and web 3 opportunities with robust and functioning products. We are working with governments, corporations, and even major individual creators who all seek to be part of the revolution towards web 3. 

XANA is the technology on which web 3 will operate. 

The most sold Legendary Japanese Manga

Awarded No.1 Netflix Japan Anime

Recognized as the No.1 initial sale volume