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About NFT

Your metaverse AI partner.

XANA: Genesis is the first-ever original AI-based NFT collection of XANA. 10,000 Japan anime-styled Unique avatars with robust utilities include a personalized AI engine with full commercial rights and various privileges in the metaverse.

Behind Story

It's your story.

Someone said:
"The world is dominated by materialism, capital, and conflict.
That it's not the right form of it".
Someone agreed:
"There must be a true freedom. Let’s bring it back."
Some others followed.
They started building a Metaverse on a blockchain
where no one can control,
cyber-diving from various countries,
connected with each other as avatars,
together they begin to form a new world.

One day, the AI engine they created
-The Prophet- muttered:
"The first 10,000 have to awaken.
From there, it said, the creation will accelerate".

-The Prophet- continued
"When the 144,000 awake,
the whole world will be overwritten into a new.
The genesis will be accomplished then".

The first 10,000 to be awaken
This is their story.
The real story began from the metaverse.
For the sake of an ideal Xanadu,
They named it "XANA."

1. XANA AI Engine


Inspired by "Blade Runner 2049", In Metaverse, you need an intelligent partner to interact with you, entertain you, and support your activity. With the XANA's own AI engine"Prophet" as the base, You will be able to personalize your AI Partner in your way.

2. Full Commercial Rights

Unleash your creativity.

XANA provides commercial rights of this NFT collection for its owners. It inspires and empowers the unlimited user-generated content around the collection for anyone to create their own stories and usages.

Future utilities in line.

NFT Redefined in the metaverse.

3. Metaverse

In the web and metaverse, there will be a space to talk to your partner. You can let other user to visit and talk to your partners as well.

4. Land

Your intelligent partner takes care of your land and earns extra profit from the land for you even when you are outside the metaverse.

5. GameFi

Your intelligent partner supports your GameFi life. They will unlock the autoplay of some GameFis on the platform. ​

Initial NFT Offering

Don't miss a chance.


Whitelisted user can purchase with discounted price at less competitive time. Whitelist is available for dedicated community members and SNS activity participants.

For Info Price Date & Time
Whitelist Drop
Hosted at XANA official site
0.09 ETH
Public Drop
Hosted at XANA & Partner's platform
0.10 ETH
Secondary Market
XANALIA, OpenSea and Partner's Platform
Live Price
After public Drop ends


Nothing but excitement ahead.

2022 Q1

  • Project planning
  • Designing
  • AI development and training

2022 Q2

  • Project announcement
  • Website launch
  • Whitelisting
  • Marketplace partners announcement
  • Completion of the Character
  • NFT Drop

2022 Q3

  • AI conversation UI launch
  • Land  Staking by Genesis NFT
  • GameFi Autoplay

2022 Q4 - Future

  • More functions will be added to AI engline.
  • More media mix collaborations such as Anime, Comic, Game etc.