Mark Your Calendars: The XANA:Genesis Rebirth Event Finale Approaches

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Important Dates for XANA:Genesis Rebirth Participants

Greetings, XANA Community! As we approach the conclusion of our first XANA:Genesis Rebirth event, let’s look at the key dates and details.

  1. Rebirth Application Deadline:

    • Final date to apply: November 30, 2023 (UTC).
    • Batch processing of applications will commence in early December.
  2. Next Steps for Unused Rebirth NFTs:

    • Hold on to any remaining Rebirth NFTs for future events.
  3. Application Site and Additional Information:

Delve into the World of XANA:Genesis Rebirth

  • Discover the unique aspects of XANA: Genesis Rebirth NFTs.
  • Learn how to customize your XANA: Genesis with the Rebirth feature.

Stay Tuned for More Exciting Developments in the XANA Universe!

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Table of contents