Complete Transition to XANA NFT & Unification of Various Website Domains

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Guide to Complete Transition to XANA NFT

XANA is pleased to announce the complete transition of XANALIA, the world’s leading decentralized NFT Marketplace for XANA, to XANA NFT. After a successful parallel operation period, we have confirmed the seamless functionality of XANA NFT. As such, we will be closing the XANALIA website according to the following schedule. Please direct all future activities to the XANA NFT website.

Notice of Closure of Old Domain Website

The old domain website will be closed at 14:59 on July 31, 2023 (UTC). Post this date, the old domain website will display a “404” error and will no longer be accessible.

Transition Details

Old Service Old URL New Service New URL
Marketplace: XANALIA https://xanalia.com/ XANA NFT https://xana.net/nft
Staking https://staking.xana.net/ Staking https://xana.net/staking
Bridge https://app.xana.net/bridge/xeta Bridge https://xana.net/bridge/xeta
Vesting https://vesting.xana.net/ Vesting https://xana.net/vesting
Purchase XETA https://app.xana.net/xeta-purchase Purchase XETA https://xana.net/purchase/xeta
Land map https://land.xana.net/ Land Map https://xana.net/land
XANA:Genesis https://genesis.xana.net/ XANA:Genesis https://xana.net/genesis
Genesis chat https://genesischat.xana.net/ Genesis Chat https://xana.net/ai-chat
Genesis name change https://app.xana.net/namechange Name Change https://xana.net/namechange

Unification of Various Website Domains

In line with the transition to XANA NFT, all service websites of the XANA project have been unified under the xana.net domain. We encourage our users to utilize these new domains for all future engagements with our services.

Call to Action

Transition seamlessly to the unified XANA NFT ecosystem and continue your journey in the decentralized marketplace. Visit XANA NFT for all your NFT needs!

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Table of contents