Latest NFTDUEL Update: v24.03.12

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Updated Information

  • Change the LP reduction amount upon defeat in the Trial League to 10 (previously 20).
  • Fixed an issue where card names were not displayed correctly on the mulligan screen.
  • Fixed the ability of Astroboy Earth Lv6, which was incorrect, to match that of Ultraman Earth Lv6.
  • Fixed a bug where cards in “Fear” status, which originally couldn’t counterattack, were sometimes being counterattacked.
  • Fixing other minor bugs.

※Please uninstall NFTDUEL before installing if it’s already installed.

Possible battles and matching times by mode

  • League mode (matching time 60 min)
    • PvP only
  • Free match mode (matching time 1 min)
    • PvP
    • PvAI

About abilities

  • Please refer to the sheet below for the details of the abilities.

Ability Detail Sheet

Download information



Compatible devices

  • Windows
    • OS:Windows 10/11(64bit)
    • CPU:Intel Core i5-1135G7 @ 2.40GHz or higher
    • Memory:8GB or higher
    • GPU:NVIDIA GeForce MX450, DX12 capable or higher
    • Storage:5GB or higher
  • MAC
    • OS:13.5 Ventura or higher
    • CPU:Apple M1 or higher
    • Memory:8GB or higher
    • GPU:Apple M1 or higher
    • Storage:5GB or higher

※Please make sure your computer meets or exceeds the required specs. (Failure to meet the above specifications may result in rendering problems or other bugs.)

Supported internet speed

  • Download:30Mbps or higher
  • Upload:10Mbps or higher
  • Ping:Less than 30ms

※Please make sure your internet speed and quality meet the above. (If the above specifications are not met, data synchronization with the server or other bugs may occur.)


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Table of contents