XANA Land: The Ultimate Metaverse Destination

XANA Land: The Ultimate Metaverse Destination

Step into the future of the metaverse, akin to Manhattan or Las Vegas – a place where dreams, wealth, and excitement intersect. Welcome to XANA Land, a next-generation real estate venture within the XANA Metaverse, a realm where everyone’s dreams can come true.

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In the heart of the XANA Metaverse lies XANA Land, a 3D realm where dreams are not just envisioned, but lived. Here, each of the 150,000 parcels, translating into 75,000 NFT units, is a piece of infinity, defined by XY coordinates, but limitless in potential. Ownership in XANA Land isn’t just possession; it’s a perpetual legacy, akin to holding the keys to a new universe. As one of XANA’s most prized NFTs, it’s where virtual land investment and creation merge into an odyssey of imagination and reality.


  • Diverse Dimensions: Choose from 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, to 4×4. Every size, a new canvas for creativity.
  • The Space to Build: Each parcel, 50m x 50m, is not just land, but a promise of potential.
  • Sky’s the Limit: The larger the land, the taller you build. Every extra meter, a testament to your vision in XANA’s world.


  • Rarity Revealed: Lands in XANA are a spectrum of rarity — Common, Rare, Super Rare. Each tier, a step higher in value, a leap in exclusivity.
  • Elevated Rarity: In XANA, lands with higher rarity levels allow the construction of taller structures, adding a vertical dimension to your creative possibilities.
  • Upcoming Accessibility Update: Land access in XANA will soon transition to a pedestrian-first approach, enhancing the appeal and foot traffic of centrally located parcels.
  • Visitor Attraction: Lands situated near central areas are poised to draw a higher number of visitors, amplifying their attractiveness and potential value in the XANA Metaverse.

Land Power (Coming Soon)

  • Land Power Dynamics: In XANA, land power fluctuates based on the construction activities, the number of visitors, and the level of engagement each land receives.
  • Enhanced Rewards: Lands with higher land power offer more lucrative benefits, including an increased number of staking tickets and rewards.
  • Staking Lottery Influence: The power of a land also plays a crucial role in the staking lottery, directly impacting the odds of winning.

Benefit 1: Construction

  • With XANA Builder, users can create their own world on their land, fostering freedom in creative activities and expressing their digital identity.
  • These lands, as NFTs, can increase in value, enabling profitable sales or reselling.
  • Lands with popular spaces or near well-known brands may sell for higher prices.
  • Currently, default lands are vacant, but future updates will offer a selection of templates to enhance land development possibilities.

Benefit 2: Staking

  • Land in XANA offers the opportunity to earn various NFTs and rewards through staking.
  • Currently, there is a bi-weekly lottery system for staking rewards.
  • Plans are in place to upgrade this to a slot-style system in the future.
  • Higher land power results in more staking tickets and greater rewards.

Benefit 3: Tournament Hosting Rights

  • Users with high land power and a certain amount of $XETA tokens can gain the rights to host gaming tournaments on their land.
  • Lands where tournaments are held can earn a portion of the revenue generated from these events.

Major Adoptions / Owners

J&J – JTB x JCBTourism
TottoriLocal Government
KOTO City in TOKYOLocal Government
OkayamaLocal Government
JR KyushuTransportation
Noritake KinashiTV Celebrity
Yuya TegoshiArtist
Run for MoneyTV Show
PonyCanyonRecord Label
FCCTV Creative Agency
FujilandReal Estate
J-JunK-pop Artist
OKXCrypto Exchange
KucoinCrypto Exchange
BybitCrypto Exchange
Li Sung-YiK-pop Actor
ULTRAMANAnime / Manga
AstroboyAnime / Manga


Owning land in XANA can be likened to owning prime real estate in historical New York or central Tokyo. It’s a continually growing asset in XANA, offering users opportunities for creative expression and monetization. Features like land power, staking, and exclusive rights to host gaming tournaments, along with future privileges, will further enhance the value of these lands in the ever-evolving XANA Metaverse.

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Table of contents