“XANA Metaverse and BreakingDown Collaborate to Revolutionize MMA Entertainment in Web3”

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Developing a Web 3.0 Fighting Game with NFT Avatars in the Metaverse

The Fusion of Virtual Reality and Martial Arts

  • The Collaboration: XANA Metaverse, spearheaded by CEO Rio Takeshi Kubo of Nobordrerz, and BreakingDown, led by CEO Mikuru Asakura, Japan’s preeminent martial arts entertainment entity, have joined forces. They plan to create a Web 3.0 game where avatars engage in martial arts combat within the XANA metaverse, guided by BreakingDown’s established rules.

XANA x BreakingDown Metaverse

Merging Martial Arts with the Metaverse

  • BreakingDown’s Foundation: Established by Japanese martial artist Mikuru Asakura, BreakingDown is Japan’s top martial arts entertainment company, achieving over 300 million views for a single show in just two years.
  • XANA’s Web3 Metaverse: Founded by Dubai-based Japanese Web3 entrepreneur Rio, XANA has gained recognition on global exchanges and garnered attention from influential groups like Fuji Sankei Group, J&J, local governments, and Chinese educational institutions. It is celebrated for collaborations with K-POP stars and prominent Japanese celebrities.

Collaboration Content

Creating an Interactive Arena in the Metaverse

  • The Arena: An immersive BreakingDown arena will be constructed on XANA land, where players compete as NFT avatars.
  • Cross-Reality Integration: Initiating with BreakingDown 7.5, XANA aims to merge metaverse and real-world experiences.

Metaverse NFT

Unique Avatars and Breakthroughs in NFTs

  • “XANA x BREAKINGDOWN” NFTs: Thousands of distinct generative avatars will represent this collaboration.
  • XANA’s Previous Successes:
    • “XANA: GENESIS”: An AI avatar employed by Tottori Prefecture, appreciated from 0.05 ETH to 0.9 ETH (74 USD to 1,396 USD).
    • “XANA: PENPENZ”: Official mascot penguin, increased from free to a maximum of 1.78 ETH (0 to 2,792 USD).
  • Market Impact: XANA’s land sold out within a day for 600 million yen, and iconic collaborations with Astro Boy, ULTRAMAN, and others saw rapid sell-outs, marking global NFT market successes.

Comments from Founders and COOs

Insights and Aspirations for the Collaboration

  • Rio Takeshi Kubo’s Vision: As a fervent BreakingDown fan, Kubo anticipates transforming traditional online entertainment into immersive, metaverse experiences. XANA, a leading Web3 metaverse, aims to introduce next-gen martial arts content globally with BreakingDown.
  • Yuji Mizoguchi’s Outlook: Acknowledging BreakingDown’s rapid rise as Japan’s favorite fighting content, Mizoguchi expresses enthusiasm for expanding into global markets and next-gen platforms. The collaboration with XANA represents a significant step into the Web 3.0 market.
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Table of contents