XETA Tokenomics: The Core of XANA’s Ecosystem


This article focuses on the XETA token, a core element of XANA, and provides a detailed explanation of its functions, roles, and importance within the XANA ecosystem.

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Utility of the XETA Token

①Ownership in XANA

Ownership in XANA is realized by holding XETA tokens.
Similar to traditional stocks, the XETA token has a direct relationship with the platform’s success.
Holding the token means having rights and responsibilities within the XANA ecosystem, contributing to the project’s growth and development.
Ownership allows for the ability to influence the project’s direction and directly engage with XANA’s future.
Token holders, as members of the XANA community, have the opportunity to participate in proposing new features and improvements within the metaverse.
This ownership is a crucial element for the XANA ecosystem to achieve sustainable growth and becomes a valuable asset for users.

②Capital Gains

The capital gains of XETA tokens are directly linked to the growth in profitability of the XANA platform.
There is a mechanism where the value of the token increases as the platform succeeds and its user base expands. With the development of the XANA ecosystem, the addition of new features and services increases the demand and consumption of tokens, making their value more likely to rise due to the design where 50% of them are burned. This increase in value reflects the trust and commitment of token holders to the XANA platform.


XETA is used as a means of payment for almost all games conducted on XANA.
This means that to participate in XANA’s games, one basically needs to hold XETA tokens.
Specifically, they are primarily used for purchasing participation tickets to tournaments, buying items, and consumption for power-ups.
As more people participate in the game, the consumption rate accelerates.
On the other hand, there are reward tokens given, which are designed by algorithms to ensure consumption always exceeds them.
Unlike typical play-to-earn games, where an increase in participants fundamentally risks inflation, XANA increases the value of XETA tokens as the gaming population grows.

④Unlocking Exclusive Features

Access to exclusive features on the XANA platform is a privilege offered to XETA token holders.
These exclusive features include participation in special events, advanced avatar customization options, and access to premium content.
Token holders can enjoy special experiences within the platform and exclusive services not available to other users. Access to these exclusive features serves as an incentive to encourage token holding among potential users, contributing to increased engagement.

⑤Purchasing Exclusive Items

The XANA platform provides XETA token holders access to exclusive items.
These items include land, NFTs, exclusive avatars, wearables, and tickets, possessing rarity and value not available in the general marketplace.
Using XETA tokens, users can purchase or trade these items, enhancing their digital identity and experiences within the metaverse.
Exclusive items not only offer utility but also serve as symbols of status, privilege, and contribution within the community.

⑥Gas on XANA Chain

Gas fees are required to process transactions on the XANA Chain, which is based on Avalanche’s subnet.
XETA tokens are used as gas fees on this network, functioning as the energy cost necessary for users to execute transactions and process smart contracts quickly and securely.
Gas fees are essential for maintaining network security, preventing excessive transactions, and ensuring the network’s sustainable growth and scalability.
They play a crucial role in the token economy by promoting token consumption and thereby offering opportunities for value appreciation to XETA token holders.
Gas fees are dynamically adjusted based on network load and usage, achieving efficient resource management.

⑦Staking Rewards

Staking within the XANA platform functions as a passive income source for XETA token holders.
Users can lock their tokens in the platform to receive regular rewards. These staking rewards are distributed based on the amount locked and random factors, encouraging long-term holding.
Additionally, the reduction in token supply due to staking contributes to increased scarcity and stabilization of token value.
In XANA, staking rewards are provided in the form of NFTs or items, rather than tokens, to avoid inflation, offering sustainable and fair incentives to token holders.
Staking also serves as proof of being an active participant in the XANA ecosystem.

⑧SocialFi Incentives

SocialFi incentives play a crucial role in the XANA ecosystem.
This incentive system distributes tokens as rewards to community contributors, promoting social contribution within the ecosystem.
Users can earn token rewards through activities within the platform, creating content, and organizing community events.
This reward system encourages active participation by users and supports community-led growth.
Moreover, SocialFi incentives gamify user actions, making participation and contribution more enjoyable.
Thus, SocialFi enhances interaction and strengthens the community within the XANA ecosystem, fostering long-term engagement and participation.

⑨DAO Voting Rights

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) voting rights in the XANA ecosystem provide XETA token holders with the opportunity to participate in the platform’s crucial decision-making processes.
Token holders can vote on various issues affecting the future of the XANA ecosystem, such as approving new projects, changing governance rules, and deciding on significant economic policies.
This voting right is a vital means to ensure the platform’s transparency and fairness and to promote community-led development.
Through the DAO framework, XANA enables users to influence the direction of the platform and grow together.
The distribution and exercise of voting rights are fairly managed through the blockchain’s transparency and tamper-proof nature, ensuring equal opportunities for all participants.

Demand and Supply Mechanism

XETA Token Distribution Mechanism

XThrough a SocialFi mechanism aimed at shaping the utopia of XANA, XETA tokens are distributed as rewards to contributors within the community.
This system facilitates positive interactions and chain reactions by awarding tokens to users who energize activities within the metaverse and to creators and developers who produce creative content and applications. Moreover, landowners receive rewards based on the activities conducted on their properties, encouraging the creation of rich content and drawing more people, thereby aiding in the further prosperity of the metaverse.
Thus, XETA plays a crucial role as an incentive for encouraging growth and development within the metaverse.

People Engaging in Activities to Attract Others to XANA

Individuals who engage in activities to introduce new users to the XANA metaverse contribute to the community’s growth and receive XETA token rewards.

Community Activators

People who energize the community within the metaverse by fostering interactions and events earn XETA token rewards. Their role is crucial in contributing to the prosperity of the community.

Supporters and Contributors within the Metaverse

Users who provide support and contribute to activities within the metaverse are rewarded with XETA tokens.
This encourages cooperation and development within the community.

Creators Shaping the Metaverse

Creators who contribute to the construction or design of the metaverse receive XETA token rewards.
They play a significant role in creating a rich environment within the metaverse.

Creators and Developers Engaged in Content Creation and Game Development

Creators and developers who produce content and develop games within the metaverse earn XETA tokens.
This supports creative activities.

Developers Creating Applications

Developers who create applications within the metaverse receive XETA token rewards.
This facilitates the provision of new features and services.

Landowners Receiving Rewards for Hosting Activities like Contests and Games

Landowners who provide their lands for activities such as contests and games within the metaverse receive XETA token rewards.
This supports entertainment and cooperation within the community.

Through these actions and individuals, XETA tokens are energized, and economic activities within the XANA metaverse ecosystem are promoted.
XETA grows alongside the community’s development, becoming a crucial element in realizing the utopia.

XETA Token Consumption Mechanism

The consumption mechanisms of XETA tokens are central to the economic activities within the XANA metaverse. These tokens are expended in various activities and businesses within the metaverse, contributing to the activation of the ecosystem.
Here, we detail the consumption mechanisms of XETA tokens.

Real Estate Purchase and Rental

In the XANA metaverse, it is possible to purchase or rent spaces within 3D environments, for which XETA tokens are expended.
Users utilize these tokens to customize their spaces and deploy content, enhancing their presence and contribution to the vibrancy of the metaverse.

In-game Item Purchases

In XANA’s Web3.0 games, various items are traded with tokens. Especially, exclusive items require transactions using XETA tokens, thereby improving the services of the metaverse and offering premium experiences.
This introduces a difference in the experiences between free users and paying users.

User-generated Content Transactions

Within the metaverse, users can buy and sell content they’ve created as NFTs.
This involves the use of XETA tokens, functioning as compensation for content submissions.

Service Usage Fees

Accessing various services offered within the metaverse requires payment in XETA tokens.
This includes AI-powered customization services and the use of specific features.

Event Participation Fees

To participate in events held within the metaverse, payment in XETA tokens is necessary.
This supports community interaction and entertainment.

AI-powered Customization Services

AI-powered customization services provided within the metaverse are accessed using XETA tokens. Users can customize their avatars or environments, enhancing their metaverse experience.

Rewards and Tips within the Community

In the activities of the metaverse community, rewards and tips are given using XETA tokens. This encourages support and contribution among community members.

Mechanism for Price Appreciation

The consumption behaviors mentioned above activate XETA tokens, promoting economic activities within the XANA ecosystem.
The mechanism where consumption exceeds supply, along with a portion of XETA tokens being bought back from the market and permanently removed from circulation, potentially leads to an increase in the value of XETA tokens. This contributes to the creation of an ideal world envisioned by XANA, returning value to the token holders and enabling further development of XANA.

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