“토요타홈 아이치”가 최첨단 테크 × 엔터테인먼트 페스티벌 “XANA SUMMIT 2024 (자나 서밋)”에 출전 확정!

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XANA(CEO:XANARIO), the AI x Web3.0 Metaverse project, announced that “Toyota Home Aichi” will exhibit at “XANA SUMMIT 2024,” a next-generation festival where cutting-edge projects, companies, DAOs, celebrities, artists, creators, and communities gather on the Metaverse for two weeks.


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Toyota Home Aichi’s Comment


The reason for participating in XANA SUMMIT 2024 is to allow many people to know about our efforts in the Metaverse space.
We aim to provide our customers with completely new experiences by exploring the potential of future home sales utilizing the latest AI technology.

XANA SUMMIT 2024 aims to convey cutting-edge technologies such as Web3.0, AI, Metaverse, and space that will shape the future of humanity as entertainment to a wider audience. Leading DAOs and companies across various industries will co-create unique pavilions on the Metaverse, primarily targeting the digital native generation.

Various activities are planned for this event on the Metaverse, including booth exhibitions, talk sessions, panel discussions, presentations, festivals, and more. Speakers from around the world will share the latest knowledge and topics, with performances and shows by artists anticipated, along with the participation of many exhibiting companies.

XANA SUMMIT 2024 is offering various ways for everyone to have the best experience, creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience full of excitement and emotion for each participant.


Recruitment of Exhibitors, etc., for XANA SUMMIT 2024


XANA SUMMIT is currently recruiting “exhibiting companies,” “speakers,” and “pre-registration for attendance.”

Recruiting exhibiting companies for the Metaverse venue.
If your company is interested in this event, please contact us via the following form.
Exhibition application form: https://forms.gle/JW2RScwHcSijScLc7

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