Weekly Development Update | 29 June – 5 July

Weekly Development Update
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This week’s updates showcase our efforts to enhance the XANA ecosystem with meaningful improvements and new features. Here are the latest developments across our platforms:

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Key Highlights:

  • Summit Preparation: Completed 90% of Summit-related development.
  • Analytics and Pavilion Rewards: Finalized analytics and reward distribution system for pavilions, including clickable and tappable features for better user interaction.
  • Mini Map Functionality: Developed and completed mini map functionality for dome visitation tracking.
  • App Profiling: Continuous optimization for performance, memory management, and resolving potential issues.
  • Penguin Integration: Enabling easy management of future events.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights:

  • PDF Web View Fixing: Addressed and resolved issues with PDF web view.
  • Web3 Login: Integrated Web3 login with the new XANA 2.0 avatar.
  • Cloth Syncing: Ensured consistent clothing display across platforms by syncing browser and app characters.
  • Chat Enabling: Re-enabled chat function and fixed load issues.
  • Summit Sync: Focused on aligning the browser version with XANA Summit developments.

XANA Builder

Key Highlights:

  • User-Created Games: Enabled users to create and publish games, with the publishing feature coming soon.
  • FAQ Section: Added an FAQ section to assist users with common queries and issues.


Key Highlights:

  • Hotfixes and Feedback: Addressed major live site issues and feedbacks.
  • Referral Code Implementation: Set to work on implementing referral codes and additional UI/UX feedback.


Key Highlights:

  • Minting Site: Deployed the NFTDUEL Genesis card sale with randomization and XANA Chain integration.


Key Highlights:

  • AI Player API Implementation: Completed API implementation and bug fixes for AI player.
  • Code Optimization: Enhanced game performance through code optimization.
  • NPC Integration: Added NPCs in league mode, crafting, and booster parts, and fixed related UI issues.
  • VR Project Initiation: Started work on the XANA VR version.


Our ongoing efforts to improve the XANA ecosystem are reflected in these updates. We’re committed to providing a stable and superior experience for our users. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing more progress in the coming weeks.

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Table of contents