XANA 주간 업데이트 | 5월 4일 – 5월 10일

Weekly Development Update
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This week’s update highlights a series of improvements across the XANA ecosystem, focusing on refining the user experience and ensuring platform stability. Here’s a closer look at the significant progress we’ve made across our core platforms:

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Key Highlights:

Feature Updates:

  • Completed initial regression tasks, including the addition of text below buttons to improve user interface clarity.
  • Implemented changes based on DAO understanding and requirements, ensuring the app aligns with the latest standards and user needs.
  • Ongoing development of Penguin avatar designs to enhance the visual appeal and customization options available to users.
  • Implemented onboarding changes to streamline the user registration and initial setup process, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Controllers and Environment:

  • Developed a new physics controller to enhance the realism and responsiveness of in-game physics, contributing to a more immersive experience.
  • Fully operational new store functionalities, allowing users to browse and purchase items seamlessly.
  • Introduced first-person and third-person controllers within the Builder Controller, offering users more versatile control options for different gameplay scenarios.

Summit and Miscellaneous:

  • Delivered an optimized environment for the XANA Summit.
  • Addressed various reported issues to ensure a smoother and more stable user experience.
  • Implemented notification systems to keep users informed about important updates and events.
  • Made profile changes to resolve issues with copying and pasting, enhancing the usability of profile features.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights:

Regression Testing and Migration:

  • Conducted extensive regression testing to identify and resolve any issues from previous versions, ensuring a stable and reliable user experience.
  • Migrated to Unity 6, addressing and fixing various migration-related issues. This migration aims to leverage the latest Unity features and improvements for better performance and compatibility.
  • Optimized memory usage and rendering techniques, following the successful implementation of a single shader optimization for the beach environment. These optimizations help improve the browser’s performance and visual fidelity.

XANA Builder

Key Highlights:

Regression Fixes:

  • Completed various regression tasks related to user onboarding and video upload features, ensuring these functionalities work seamlessly and reliably.
  • Added functionality to provide asset details before placement, allowing users to see information about assets, such as size and weight, before adding them to their projects. This helps users make more informed decisions during the building process.

Asset Integration:

  • Integrated new assets and provided a demo video showcasing recent progress. This integration allows users to access and utilize a wider range of assets in their projects.

DAO Assets:

  • Added new DAO assets, set to go live soon. These assets will expand the available options for users, enhancing their ability to create diverse and engaging environments.


Key Highlights:

XENY Phase 3:

  • Significant progress has been made on phase 3 of XENY, which includes the development of new features aimed at enhancing user interactions.

Staking and Notifications:

  • Users can now view their staking rewards clearly and easily, ensuring transparency and satisfaction.
  • Development continued on the feed post like functionality, allowing users to engage more actively with posts. This new feature aims to increase user interaction and community engagement.
  • Notification features have been further refined to ensure users receive timely and relevant updates, enhancing overall platform usability.

Chat Panel and Regression Testing:

  • The chat panel has been enhanced to provide a more seamless and user-friendly interaction experience.
  • Extensive regression testing was conducted to identify and resolve any issues from previous versions. This thorough testing ensures that the platform remains stable and reliable, providing users with a consistent and trouble-free experience.


Key Highlights:


  • Implemented a new UI for the two-way XETA bridge, which is now live. This updated interface provides a more user-friendly and intuitive experience for managing XETA transfers.


  • Successfully completed the XETA withdrawal process. Users can now withdraw XETA more seamlessly, enhancing the overall transaction experience and reducing any previous issues related to withdrawals.

NFTDUEL Astro Boy Nagano Sale:

  • Finalized the creation and setup for the NFTDUEL Astro Boy Nagano sale. This sale is currently under rigorous testing to ensure all functionalities are working correctly before it goes live. This step is crucial to provide users with a smooth purchasing experience and to prevent any transactional issues during the sale.

Company Gas Fee Implementation:

  • Introduced a new feature where the company will cover the gas fees for specific transactions. The initial implementation phase has been completed, and further refinements are ongoing to expand this feature’s benefits.


Key Highlights:

Release and Updates:

  • Released a new build, incorporating numerous bug fixes and new functionalities. This build aims to provide a more stable and feature-rich experience for users.
  • Worked on the drafting part, which remains to be completed on both the front-end and back-end sides. This feature will allow users to draft and strategize more effectively in the game.


These updates showcase our ongoing dedication to enhancing the XANA platforms, reflecting our commitment to delivering a reliable and engaging experience for our community.

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Table of contents