Metaverse Launchpad

The launchpad produces robust metaverse utilities NFTs with top IPs in various genres from Anime, Comic, Game to even major fashion brands.

XANA : Genesis

10,000 NFTs

The first-ever original AI-based NFT collection of XANA. Japan anime-styled unique avatars with robust utilities include commercial rights and various privileges in the metaverse.

Hiroko Koshino

500 NFTs

Wearable NFTs for the avatar by Hiroko Koshino the multiple awarded top designer known in global fashion weeks like Paris, Rome, Tokyo and more.

Metaverse Skateboard

500 NFTs

"Ridable" NFTs in the metaverse. by the top street art creator "Wood" the designer Wood has a playful style, admired by youngsters. His work gives a strong impression of freedom, and big names.

Astroboy x Japan

2100 NFTs

Astroboy x Japan is the GameFi NFT for NFTDuel, featuring the most sold Japanese comic character Astroboy with Japans' regional sightseeing spots.

Rooster Fighter

3000 NFTs

The smash hit manga comic from Japan by Shu Sakuratani, Translated into more than 30 languages is now available as “Generative NFT Avatar” for XANA Metaverse and its native GameFi.


2100 NFTs

ULTRAMAN, The Japanese most known hero who has been sold over 4 million Comics globally, won No.1 Anime in Netflix 2019, nominated for an Annie Award.

Tokyo Idol Festival

1740 NFTs

The largest idol festival in Japan will have an afterparty in XANA Metaverse with 7 iconic idol groups. Organized by the Japan's largest media group FCC.

Tachibana Shinnosuke

555 NFTs

The first-ever metaverse fan meetup of an industry-leading anime voice cast, credited in Damon Slayer, Detective Conan, Tokyo Ghoul, and more.