XANA World Builder Alpha 1.0: Now Live for Creative Metaverse Building

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Introduction to XANA World Builder Alpha 1.0

The XANA World Builder Alpha 1.0 is officially live, offering an innovative platform that simplifies metaverse creation through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This tool is poised to revolutionize both entertainment and business applications within the metaverse.

Exclusive Access for XANA Alpha Pass Holders

XANA is excited to announce that primary access to the test app is now exclusively available for XANA Alpha Pass Holders!

Explore the New Realm of Metaverse Creation with XANA World Builder

Key Points to Note for Alpha Test Application Users

It’s important for users to be aware of several aspects of this Alpha test application:

  • A XANA Alpha pass is required for access.
  • The v1.0 app is designed for learning basic world builder functionality, with limited features currently available.
  • Temporary saving of worlds is possible, but live publishing is not yet supported.
  • Future updates will enable world deployment onto land.
  • Worlds created in v1.0 cannot be transferred to updated builder versions.
  • This version is intended for practice; final world publishing is not yet available.
  • Land ownership will be necessary to publish worlds in future updates.
  • Only a limited range of assets are available in this version.
  • World names should be in the English alphabet, as app localization is still in progress.
  • Additional assets will be purchasable with in-app currency earned through XETA staking.
  • As an early version, feedback on bugs and feature requests to enhance user experience is welcomed.

Be a Pioneer: Test and Shape the Future of XANA World Builder

Download Instructions and User Manual

Download XANA World Builder Alpha 1.0 for Windows and Mac from the provided links. Before installing, please ensure to read the guidelines. User manuals are available in both English and Japanese for comprehensive understanding and ease of use.


Win : Here 

Mac: Here  


Please read carefully before installing the app



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(Jp) Here

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