The best NFT card game
by the unlimited global IPs.

NFTDUEL is an innovative Metaverse ready GameFi that turns world-renowned IPs into NFT Trading card GameFi, allowing players to choose their favorite IPs to user-friendly rules like Pokemon or Magic the Gathering.

Unlimited IP collaborations.

The best proposition of NFTDUEL lies in that structure. It is not only the game but the gamification platform. It can turn any kind of IPs from Anime, characters, and Celebrity to turn them into Trading cards GameFi. It realizes unlimited scalability.


ULTRAMAN, The Japanese most known hero who has sold over 4 million Comics globally, won the No.1 Anime in Netflix 2019, nominated for an Annie Award.

Astroboy x Japan

Astroboy x Japan is the GameFi NFT for NFTDUEL, featuring the most sold Japanese comic character Astroboy with Japan's regional sightseeing spots.


CryptoNinja, which has established itself as the leading NFT brand in the Japanese market with its "CNP" collection with a market capitalization of over 23,000 ETH, is now available in XANA's NFT card game.


This NFTDUEL card is Japan's largest Freemint project made of fan-art version of XANA DAO community and collaboration between XANA's iconic character, Penguin, and the CryptoNinja Family.

How to play

It's ultra simple yet deeply strategic.
Enjoyable for both beginners and experts.

Game Flow

Gather cards

Gather the best cards from marketplace to build your best deck.

Build Deck

Build the deck according to your strategy. There is also auto deck build function.

Stake $DUEL

When you join the pro league you will need to stake Duel token to use as Fuel.

Let's duel

Attack the opponent and its cards by your deck with a strategy to win the duel.

Get ranked

Gain your league point to climb up the leaderboard in 16 leagues.

Get reward

Higher the league is, and the higher the rank is, the reward will be greater.

Play to Earn

Unsustainability has been the problem for existing GameFi's. revenue.
NFTDUEL is the first ever sustainable non-infrational Play to Earn game.

Daily Reward

There is a chance to earn each duel in the league battle. The treasure box will be given based on the number of wins.

Season Reward

Climb up the leader board in the multiple levels of leagues to earn the most significant reward each season.


We are at the phase of the Alpha test launch. The owner of the Genesis card and XANA Alpha pass can join the Alpha test league to start playing and even earning the rewards. 

We are aiming for the public alpha in early Q4 2022 after completion of the Alpha test league.

The normal card can be usable in the main league starts, while there are test cards at the alpha test league.

Currently, we are on Windows and Mac. In addition, we will be releasing the mobile version in early Q4 2022.