The Dawn of The Matrix

Episode 1「Mission」

One rainy night, Rio returned home from work with a black umbrella walking out of the office building, full of melancholy, the mind remembered the words of the owner: now the global financial crisis, our business is bad, although you have been in our business for 10 years, after the decision of the upper management, it was decided to make you redundant, pack up your things, and then re-employment, you such a senior programmer, or very good to find a job.

  Rio was still in a daze when he was bumped by someone passing by, who headed off without looking back: "Excuse me, excuse me. "

  Because it was dark, he did not see the person's appearance, Rio just patted the rain that was brushing against the person, and whispered a sentence: "It's okay. "

  Rio returned home and threw his bag on the sofa, a VR fell out of the bag, Rio was puzzled and picked it up, XANA was engraved on the VR, Rio picked it up and studied it, soon, he understood how to operate it.

Rio put on the VR and started to play, he was given a new identity - XANA organization builder, Rio looked at the world in front of him, full of science fiction, people and nature in harmony, as long as the ark, everyone can go anywhere, but need to have enough virtual currency.

At that moment an N showing the XANA organization came up and greeted Rio: "Hello builder, haven't seen you here for a while, what are you doing?"

Rio smiled awkwardly, "I've been rather busy lately."

N nodded his head without saying anything else and left, Rio then looked at the others and found that only people from the same organization could see each other's identity cards.

Rio continued to explore inside and found himself in VR. It seemed like a formatted, with only a letter in his backpack: Help the world, help me.

Rio thought this was a bit surprising, didn't care, and continued to explore around, wanting to learn more about this colorful world, but found that his level is not high enough, can only reach the F and E area, F area does not have any rules to follow, anyone can enter it, where people can use their talents and earn the appropriate money, however, as there are no rules, there are all sorts of land robbers inside, constantly having wars and wanting to rule the F area, but it is clear that none of them succeeded, probably for the lack of people who set the rules.

Zone E is entirely different from Zone F, but Zone E also has no rules, but people in Zone E have enough virtual currency, where everyone realizes their ideals, there are biologists, philosophers, and great artists, and priceless treasures that can be found everywhere here, but you need an invitation to enter Zone E. This is where Rio is puzzled, and he can enter and exit Zone E at will.

Rio walked for a long time, then suddenly two people appeared and kidnapped Rio.

When Rio came to his senses, he was in a large warehouse hanging from the ceiling. Rio opened his eyes and looked at the ground, an elderly gentleman next to a foreign beast whirling turtle, a creature recorded in the "Shanhaijing" as Rio stared at the foreign beast whirling turtle, the foreign beast whirling turtle may have felt Rio's hot gaze, impatiently raised his head and hissed, sounding like splintered wood.

The old man sat on a chair with a cane in his hand, as if waiting for Rio to wake up, with a kind and friendly expression, which made Rio, who was hanging from the ceiling, a little surprised: "Hey, old man, can you put me down and then talk?"

The old man laughed: "Do you think me and my friend next to me are capable of saving you from a five-meter high ceiling?"

Rio pondered for a moment, it seems, both are land creatures and can not fly.

Soon, the door of the warehouse was opened, a beam of light shone in, came three boys, the alien beast spinning turtle got up and hid behind the old man, the old man did not forget to comfort: "It's okay, it's okay boy."

Rio said, "This is really a foreign beast spinning turtle, what the hell are you guys doing? Quickly release the old man, Have you heard that you can't mess with the unemployed?"

The leader of the group, the redhead, spoke up, "Which one of you is from the XANA organization? Better be honest."

Rio secretly thought: Damn, for sure this identity is not good, this is too back, as soon as they came in, they were targeted.

The old man spoke slowly, "I am."

Hearing this, Rio hurriedly said, "I am a good citizen, a greatly good citizen, XANA organization what the heck, I have never even heard of it."

The red-haired man, half-hearted, spoke up and said, "Better not lie to me, I for one can see right through whether you are lying or not. "

    Hearing this, Rio was a little scared, but suddenly the red-haired man's men spoke up: "Boss, how about taking a lie detector? You looked wrong last time, was beaten by the boss, this time if it is wrong again. "

The red-haired man angrily knocked his men: "Can you shut up, is this the time to reveal my secrets? Can you see the situation and speak clearly? You son of a bitch. "

Rio laughed unkindly.

The red-haired henchman pointed at Rio angrily: "What are you laughing at? Let me tell you, even if you are not from the XANA organization, we can sanction you just the same, sanction you like an ant. "

The old man spoke impatiently: "What the hell do you want? "

The red hair looked at the old man and provocatively said, "The boss said that the people from the XANA organization gave me a message that you have nothing to do to investigate what inflation? Can you be nice and not meddle? Can you?

The old man nodded: "Yes, I will bring that to you. "

Rio looked at the old man at the bottom in confusion, obviously he was not from the XANA organization.

The redhead threw a dart at Rio's sling and soon Rio dropped from a height of five meters.

The redhead's other henchman, who had been silent, got up to catch Rio, who was rescued by the princess hug.

The red-haired man saw and opened his mouth to tease: "Knight, you don't have your eye on him, have you? "

Knight opened his mouth: "No, just do not want him to fall into the mush, it spices up my eyes."

Rio hurriedly got up and took a few steps back and whispered, "Thank you."

Then angrily pointed at the red-haired man, rushed forward, at the moment the inner repression of being laid off in the real world was completely released, angrily said: "You kidnapped me? "

The red-haired man backed up in a hurry and shook his hand, "No, not me. "

"It's the two of them. " The red-haired man pointed to two of his men.

Before Rio could do anything, the red-haired man was carried away by two henchmen who didn't forget to say, "Sorry for the intrusion, we have an internal problem that we have to resolve."

Rio watched with some surprise as the red-haired man was carried away, and the red-haired man looked at Rio in desperation, "Help me, help me."

Then soon the red-haired man's scream of "Ah-" came from the doorway.

Rio and the old man heard the miserable scream, can not help but vowed to frown, the foreign beast spinning turtle also covered his ears.

"You're not even in the XANA organization, why are you pretending?" Rio asked his doubts.

The old man spoke slowly: "Because I am."

Rio asked rhetorically, "How do you know? Aren't only people from the same organization supposed to know?"

Old man laughs: "You need a lot of money."

Rio: "Do you know something?"

Old man: "The person who gave you something didn't tell you?"

Rio shook his head, "No one has been seen."

Old man: "Then use your profession and carve out your own world here, maybe that's why he's looking for you."

After a pause, the old man continued, "By the way, you can find Chris when you have the chance, he will help you."

After saying that, the old man left, along with the foreign beast spinning turtle.

Rio walked out of the warehouse and went to Area F. Just after entering, the only money left in his possession had been stolen, and Rio couldn't afford to buy a computer.

Rio was completely enraged: "Son of a bitch, do you know that unemployed people can't be messed with?"

The response to Rio was a moment of silence.