Ex-WBA World Champion Shinji Takehara Acquires XANA: Land

Shinji Takehara, celebrated as the first Japanese boxer to win the WBA middleweight championship, has made a significant move into the virtual world by acquiring XANA: Land. Takehara, who has also gained popularity as a YouTuber with a channel boasting over 200 million views, is now set to expand his presence into the Metaverse.

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Shinji Takehara’s Entry into the Metaverse

From Boxing Champion to Digital Innovator

  • Boxing Legacy: Shinji Takehara’s remarkable achievement in the boxing world has made him a notable figure in Japanese sports.
  • Digital Presence: With his successful transition to a YouTuber, Takehara has demonstrated his ability to adapt and excel in new domains.

Exploring New Avenues in the Metaverse

  • Business Ventures: As a business and gym owner, Takehara has been quick to recognize the vast potential of the Metaverse.
  • Content Development Plans: He plans to develop fighting content in the Metaverse, complementing his YouTube ventures and bringing a new dimension to his digital offerings.

XANA: Land and the Martial Arts Community

Joining a Prestigious List

  • XANA is aligning itself with prominent figures in the martial arts community, with Takehara’s acquisition of XANA: Land being a significant addition.
  • Upcoming Metaverse Content: XANA is set to announce a series of eye-opening Metaverse content featuring these big names, further elevating the platform’s appeal and reach.

Join the Excitement in XANA’s Metaverse with Shinji Takehara

Step into the innovative world of XANA’s Metaverse alongside Shinji Takehara and other martial arts legends. Witness the fusion of sports, entertainment, and virtual reality as XANA unfolds its exciting new content. Be part of this groundbreaking journey in the Metaverse!

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Table of contents