About Damage Calculation

Learn about the damage dealt by cards and strategize your way to victory.

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Card Battles

The outcome of battles between cards is determined by their attack power, remaining health, attribute compatibility, and abilities.

Attribute Compatibility

You can deal double damage to enemies with compatible attributes, and the damage you receive is halved. Study the attribute compatibility chart below carefully.

Examples of Card Battles

Below are examples of card battles.

・Battles between cards without attribute compatibility

In battles between cards without attribute compatibility, the damage is as stated on the card.
The number at the bottom left of each card represents the attack power, which is dealt directly to the opponent card.

In the example, the attack power of 30P from “HATTO STATION” card exceeds the remaining health of 20P on “YUMEJI ART MUSEUM,” thus destroying “YUMEJI ART MUSEUM.”
Also, “HATTO STATION” receives 20P of damage in retaliation, leaving it with 10P of remaining health.

・Battles between cards with attribute compatibility

In battles between cards with effective attribute compatibility, double damage is dealt to enemies with favorable attributes, and received damage is halved.

In the example, the attack power of 10P from “LUNA” card deals 20P of damage to “LEE-LEE” of the earth attribute, a favorable match-up, and destroys it.
“LUNA” also receives a counterattack but only takes 5P of damage due to the favorable attribute, leaving it with 5P of remaining health.

This concludes the explanation about card damage calculation, but each card’s unique abilities also affect the battle.
For more information about abilities, please check “About Card Abilities (Under Construction).”

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Table of contents