Purchasing NFTDUEL Cards

Purchase NFTDUEL cards for use in NFTDUEL.

※Purchasing NFTDUEL cards requires XETA tokens from the XANAChain. (You need to have the necessary XETA in your wallet for the purchase.)

There are two methods to purchase cards: “Secondary purchase of cards already sold on XANA NFT” and “Purchasing new card sales.”

New card sales are typically limited to 1 to several times a year, with sale information like the site and prices announced on XANA’s official X (formerly Twitter) or Discord. (Past sales have offered 5-pack cards for $20.)

Here, we explain “Secondary purchase of cards already sold on XANA NFT.”

※The following instructions are based on using Chrome as the browser and MetaMask as the virtual currency wallet.

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Connecting to XANA NFT

  1. Launch the web browser (Google Chrome, referred to as Chrome here) with the virtual currency wallet installed, and connect to XANA NFT (https://xana.net/nft/).

2. Click “Account” at the top right.

3. The “Login” screen will appear, please choose your login method. Here, select “Connect to MetaMask.”

4. The “Request Signature” screen from MetaMask will appear, click “Sign.”

5. Once login is successful, a “Login Successful” screen will appear, click “OK.”

6. If the “Account” at the top right has changed to your account image (or an icon of a person if no image is set), you have logged in successfully.

Display cards for sale in NFTDUEL

  1. Click “Collection” in the left menu of XANA NFT, and then click the “NFTDUEL” collection from the displayed collection list.

2. Within the NFTDUEL collection, click on the collection of the card you wish to purchase.

3. The selected collection’s screen will display, and the “For Sale” tab will show a list of currently available cards.

Purchasing NFTDUEL Cards

  1. Check the floor price (lowest price) displayed and click on the card you want to purchase.

2. Click “Purchase.” (Other buttons displayed on this screen may vary depending on the ownership status of the card.)

3. The “Purchase Cart” screen appears, click the “Choose Owner” button.

4. The sales price and seller’s wallet address will be displayed, select which seller to purchase from.

5. Press the “+” button until you reach the desired quantity.
(If the same seller has multiple sales, multiple purchases are possible.)
The total purchase amount will be displayed in the purchase amount field.
If everything is correct, check “I agree to the Terms of Service” and click “Confirm.”

6. MetaMask will display a gas estimate and the total amount, click “Confirm” if everything is correct.

7. “Transaction Processing” will appear, wait until the process is finished.

8. Once the transaction is complete, a message “You have purchased an NFT” will appear at the bottom right.
This concludes the NFTDUEL card purchase procedure.

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Table of contents