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NFTDUEL’s cards come with unique abilities. Here, we’ll learn about some representative abilities. For all abilities, please refer to the “Ability Detail Sheet.”

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Cards with Abilities

Cards that possess abilities fall into two categories, with some cards fitting both:

  • Cards of level 4 or above
  • Genesis cards

※As of February 2024, Genesis cards exist only in the “ULTRAMAN” and “Astroboy x Tottori” series, but there’s a possibility for new series to be sold in the future. Also, note that there are normal cards in the same series, so please be careful when purchasing.

Genesis Card Ability: Quick Attack

Apart from the differences in cards across series, there’s a distinction between normal cards and Genesis cards in NFTDUEL. Genesis cards are superior to normal cards, offering advantages in gameplay. The ability “Quick Attack” introduced here is one of them.

In the game, Genesis cards are highlighted by glowing card frames.
※Improvements to visibility are planned for future updates.

“Quick Attack”: When a card is summoned, it does not enter sleep mode and can attack in the same turn.

Introduction to Representative Abilities

Abilities vary from card to card, each bringing its own uniqueness. Here, we introduce a few of them. For a full list of abilities, see below:

Ability Detail Sheet

Damage Infliction

One of the simplest abilities is inflicting damage on enemy cards.
The example below shows an ability that inflicts 20P damage to a single enemy card.
There are various types of damage-infliction abilities, including those that damage multiple cards, more powerful damage, and ones that inflict damage upon attack rather than summoning.

Ability Introduction “ULTRAMAN Water Attribute Lv4”:
When the card is summoned, it randomly selects 1 card from the opponent’s field and inflicts 20P damage.
If there are no cards on the opponent’s field, the effect does not activate.

Defense Value Recovery

Just as there are abilities to inflict damage, there are abilities to recover Defense value.
Some activate upon summoning, some recover every turn, and others recover Defense value of other cards on your field.

Ability Introduction “Astroboy x Tottori Water Attribute Lv5”:
Every start of your turn, Defense value recovers by 20P.


Counterattack abilities activate when a card is destroyed.
Depending on the activation condition of the counterattack ability, it may not activate if destroyed by an enemy ability, so careful use is necessary.

Ability Introduction “ULTRAMAN Wood Attribute Lv6”:
When the card is destroyed by a normal attack or counterattack, it inflicts 20P damage to all cards on the opponent’s field, then randomly selects 1 card on the opponent’s field and inflicts an additional 10P damage.

・Status Infliction

Some special abilities inflict status effects. Some grant beneficial statuses to yourself, while others impose detrimental statuses on the opponent.
Use them wisely to gain an advantage in battles.

Ability Introduction “Crypto Ninja Gold Attribute Lv4”:
When the card is summoned, it randomly selects 1 card on the opponent’s field and applies the “Inaction” status. A card in “Inaction” status cannot perform any actions (but can counterattack if attacked).

These are just a few of the many abilities in the world of NFTDUEL, and more will be added in the future.
Mastering these abilities is key to victory, so actively learn and utilize them!

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