Appearance Change in Virtual Environments: Transforming Avatar Identities

Let’s try transforming an avatar using the “Appearance Change” feature.

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What is Avatar Transformation?

When an avatar touches an object set with “Appearance Change,” it can transform into the set appearance.


The current transformations available for avatars are as follows:

Hunter Transforms into the appearance of a hunter.
Bear Transforms into the appearance of a panda.
Assets Transforms into the appearance of an object.
Sakuya Transforms into Sakuya from CryptoNinja.
Xiaolan Transforms into Xiaolan from CryptoNinja.
NEMU Transforms into NEMU from CryptoNinja.

How to Set Up Appearance Change

  1. Select an object and click the location marked with a red circle. This will display a list of components.

2. Click on “Appearance Change”.

3. The “Appearance Change” settings screen will be displayed.

4. Select the design of the avatar you want to transform into.

5. Set the duration of the avatar’s transformation using the slider.

6. That concludes the setup.

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Table of contents