Let’s check the polygon count of the world being created.

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The translation is: “This is a visualization of the object size that serves as a guideline for stable operation in the XANA app (currently in trial operation).”

Let’s check the polycount.

  1. Click ‘Count’.

2. Let’s check the ‘Installation Limit’.”

How to view polycount

Light (displayed in white: 0% to 50% of the standard)

This is the level at which it loads and operates stably in the XANA app.

Medium (displayed in yellow: 50% to 80% of the standard)

Loading times may be slightly longer, and responsiveness in operations may decrease. It is necessary to adjust the number of objects to be placed.

Heavy (displayed in red: 80% and above of the standard)

Loading times and responsiveness within the world will slow down significantly, and there is a much higher possibility of crashing. It is recommended to reduce the number of objects placed.


Polycount details

There are four types of polycounts:

Each has its own capacity and is calculated every time an object is placed. The polycount is calculated from these four values:

  • Polygon
  • Entity
  • Material
  • Texture


If the specifications of the device using the XANA app do not meet the recommended specifications, or in cases of unstable communication environments, the above criteria may not apply.

Additionally, even if the recommended specifications are met, the performance can vary significantly depending on the RAM capacity and the usage status of the device, which may result in the XANA app not functioning properly.

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Table of contents