Purchasing “FUEL” (For Playing League Mode)

Purchase the token FUEL used in League Mode.

※Purchasing FUEL requires XETA tokens from XANAChain. (You need to have the necessary XETA in your wallet.)

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Connecting to the FUEL Swap Site

  1. Launch the web browser with the virtual currency wallet installed (here, Google Chrome, referred to as Chrome), and connect to the FUEL Swap site (https://xana.net/nftduel).

2. Click the wallet icon at the top right.

3. A “Login” screen will appear, please select your login method. Here, choose “Metamask.”

4. MetaMask’s “Request Signature” screen will appear, click “Sign.”

5. If the wallet icon at the top right changes to your username (or the first 4 and last 4 characters of your wallet address if not set), you have successfully logged in.

Purchasing FUEL

  1. Actually purchase FUEL. Click the 0 in the XETA frame on the left side of the screen and enter the necessary amount of FUEL.
    Refer to the necessary FUEL for each league in 〇〇.

2. Confirm the necessary amount of FUEL is entered, then click “SWAP.”

3. MetaMask will display an estimate of the gas fee and the total amount, click “Confirm” if everything is correct.

4. “Transaction Processing” will appear, wait until the process is finished.

5. Once the transaction is complete, a message “Swapped Fuel Successfully” will appear at the bottom right, and the purchased FUEL will be added to the “Balance” within the FUEL frame on the screen.
This concludes the FUEL purchasing procedure.

6. When you connect to NFTDUEL, the purchased FUEL will be reflected.

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Table of contents