Quiz in Virtual Environments: Engaging Minds with Interactive Learning

Let’s try creating a quiz within the world using the Quiz feature.

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What is the Quiz feature?

By interacting with objects that have the “Quiz” set, you can present a multiple-choice question. If the player achieves a correct answer rate above the set percentage, they can collect the object.

How to Set Up Quiz

Entering Quiz Questions

  1. Select an object and click the location marked with a red circle. This will display a list of components.

2. Click on “Quiz”.

3. The Quiz settings screen will appear.

4. Set the “Correct answer rate” (%). If the correct answer rate is above the entered value, you can collect the object.

5. Use the “+” and “-” next to “Quiz” to add or delete questions.

6. Clicking the “+” next to “Quiz” opens the screen for entering questions.

7. Enter the question text in “Question1”.

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Table of contents