Tips for Creating Your First Deck

If you’ve started playing NFTDUEL but are unsure how to build a deck or struggle to win, here we introduce some tips for deck creation. What we present here is just an example, so learn the basics of deck creation and build your own unique deck.

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Basic Rules for Deck Creation

First, let’s review the basic rules for deck creation introduced in “Building a Deck“.

  • Deck Count by League

The number of cards in an NFTDUEL deck changes with each league. It starts with 10 cards for the Trial, the same number for Bronze, and then increases to the following specified numbers as you move up to Silver, Gold, etc. There are no changes in the number of cards within sub-leagues (such as Bronze 1, Bronze 2, Bronze 3). For details, see below:

Trial League: 10 cards
Bronze League: 15 cards
Silver League: 20 cards
Gold League: 25 cards
Pink League: 30 cards
Diamond League: 40 cards

・Genesis Card Count by League

Genesis cards are very powerful, having the “Quick Attack” ability (can attack on the turn they are played), so there are limits to how many you can register in each league. For details, see below:

Trial League: Not allowed
Bronze League: 2 cards
Silver League: 3 cards
Gold League: 4 cards
Pink League: 6 cards
Diamond League: 8 cards

Creating Your First Deck

Now, let’s learn how to create a deck for the Trial League. The deck composition for the Trial League is “10 deck cards / No Genesis cards”.

  • Formation Focused on Early Turns

In NFTDUEL, you can only play level 1 cards on the first turn and level 2 cards on the second turn, due to turn-based cost restrictions.

A situation where you can’t play a card on the first turn can tilt the battle against you, so it’s crucial to set a level-based card count that allows you to play a card every turn. For the Trial League, it’s good to have more level 2, level 3, and if possible, level 4 cards.

Deck Composition Example:
Level 1: 1 card
Level 2: 2 cards
Level 3: 2 cards
Level 4: 2 cards
Level 5: 1 card
Level 6: 1 card
Level 7: 1 card

  • Reason for Level 1 Card Count

The reason for the composition count of level 1 cards was omitted earlier, and 1 card was mentioned as an example in the deck composition.

This is because of the initial hand. In NFTDUEL, you are randomly dealt 5 cards at the start, with one fixed rule.

That is, your initial hand will always include 1 level 1 card.

This ensures that even if there is only 1 level 1 card in the deck, that card will always be dealt first, preventing a situation where you can’t play a card on the first turn. Thus, it’s okay to have only 1 level 1 card in your deck composition.

However, having multiple level 1 cards can be strategically effective to avoid being in a disadvantageous position on the first turn or to aim for an advantage by playing 2 level 1 cards on the second turn, among other strategies. So, consider your overall deck and decide on the number of level 1 cards accordingly.

  • Tips for Selecting High-Level Cards

Cards level 4 and above each have unique abilities, and the abilities become more powerful as the level increases.

ULTRAMAN and Astro Boy series tend to have cards with simple abilities, while Crypto Ninja series may include cards with special abilities like status effects.

For level 5 and above cards, use “1 card each” as a guideline and choose cards that fit your deck based on “abilities“.

While selecting cards for levels 1–3, it’s crucial to be mindful not to overly bias towards one attribute. Below is an example of deck composition for reference.

Now, go ahead and create your original deck and enjoy dueling in NFTDUEL!

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Table of contents