How to view NFTDUEL cards

Here, we will introduce various parameters of the cards.

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The way to view NFTDUEL cards

I will introduce how to view the cards.

① Level (Cost)
The card level also represents the cost required to summon that card. For example, a level 6 card requires 6 mana to summon, and it can be summoned as early as the 6th turn.

② Attribute
This indicates one of the five attributes: fire, water, earth, wood, and gold. The mark represents these attributes (fire → red, water → blue, earth → brown, wood → green, gold → yellow). These attributes affect battles with cards of compatible attributes. For more details, please refer to “Damage Calculation (Under Construction).”

③ Attack Power
This represents the card’s attack power. In battles between cards or direct attacks on players, this value inflicts damage on the opponent, but it’s influenced by attribute compatibility and abilities.

④ Health Points (HP)
This represents the card’s health points. This value can increase or decrease due to battles between cards or abilities. When it reaches 0, the card is destroyed. When a card is destroyed, it inflicts damage equal to its initial HP (e.g., 60 HP in the example) to the player who owned it.

That concludes the introduction to various card parameters.
Additionally, cards with levels 4 or higher have unique abilities. For information about abilities, please refer to “About Card Abilities (Under Construction).”

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Table of contents