Selecting a Game Mode

Choose the game mode you want to play.

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Selecting a Game Mode

  1. Launch NFTDUEL, log in, and open the home screen.

2. Select the game mode you want to play.
League mode is selected by default. (For example, we’ll choose Free Match here.)

3. The selected game mode will light up in pink, indicating that your selection is complete.
Proceed to create a deck, or if you already have a deck, move on to DUEL.

League Mode

A ranking-based competition mode conducted over 30 days.
FUEL corresponding to your league is required.

Duration: Leagues run for 30 days.

Objective: Players aim to ascend to as high a league as possible within these 30 days.

LP: Winning increases your League Points (LP), and losing decreases them.
Exceeding a certain point threshold promotes you to a higher league, with no demotion once promoted.
The league mode rankings are determined by the amount of LP. If the LP is the same, the rankings are decided by win rate > placement.
Note: Soon, the criteria will be changed to LP > placement, removing the win rate condition.

Limit on Number of Battles: There is no limit to the number of battles per day.

Leagues: There are six leagues: Trial, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Pink, Diamond.
Ascending leagues increase the number of cards you can bring and hit points, making for higher-level player battles, and larger LP and rewards.

Sub-leagues: Each category is further divided into three sub-leagues (e.g., Bronze 1, 2, 3). The maximum number of cards and hit points remain consistent, but the required FUEL and LP alterations from wins and losses vary.

Sub-league League Points: Players have the opportunity to earn more league points by defeating players in higher-ranking sub-leagues.

Matching System: Matching occurs within the same league, including sub-leagues. For example, in the Bronze league, matching is done among players in sub-leagues Bronze 1, 2, 3, and similarly in Silver, Gold, Pink, and Diamond. For instance, Silver and Gold players will not be matched.

Winning Streak Bonus: Winning streaks add bonus league points, allowing for efficient accumulation of points. Stopping an opponent’s winning streak also yields a large bonus.

  • League Participation Requirements:

Trial League: All cards can be used in the Trial League without needing FUEL.

Bronze League and Above: The following two are required:

  1. NFT Cards: Players must own the NFT cards used in the game.
  2. XETA Tokens: Players must own XETA tokens, staking them to convert into FUEL.
  • FUEL

FUEL: The fuel required for league battles, akin to in-game currency.

How to Obtain FUEL: Players need to stake XETA tokens and convert them into FUEL for league participation. Winning battles also yields FUEL.

Conversion of FUEL: 1XETA is equivalent to 1FUEL

Consumption of FUEL: The amount of FUEL required varies by league (e.g., Bronze 1, 2, 3), with higher leagues consuming more FUEL.

Free Match

A free battle mode without LP or FUEL changes.

LP: There are no LP changes in Free Match battles.

Limit on Number of Battles: There is no limit to the number of battles per day.

League: Corresponds to the league you belong to in League Mode.

FUEL: There are no FUEL changes in Free Match.

Room Mode

A mode for battling with specific people, such as friends.

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Table of contents