Countdown 2023: Introducing High-Impact Time Management in Virtual Environments

Let’s use the CountDown feature to set a time limit within the game.

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What is the timer function?

Among the game components, there are three timer functions.

Time Limit Count down the time between the two objects.
Elapsed Time Measure the time between the two objects with a count-up timer.
CountDown Count down from the time a single object is touched.
There are three timer functions.


It performs a countdown of the specified number of seconds after touching the target object.


How to set up CountDown:

1. Select the object, then click on the location of the red circle. This will display a list of components.


2. Click on “CountDown.”

3. The detailed settings screen for “CountDown” will appear.

4. Use the slider in “Value” to set the time limit.


5. That’s all for the settings.

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Table of contents