Creating a XANA Account (Creating a Wallet)

To log into NFTDUEL, you’ll install a cryptocurrency wallet that will be used.

Please install the wallet in the browser set as your “default browser.

For this example, we’ll install MetaMask in Chrome.

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To install the wallet

1. Launch Google Chrome.

2. Click the “three vertical dots” in the top right corner.

3. Click “Extensions.”

4. Click “Access the Chrome Web Store.”

5. Once you’ve accessed the Chrome Web Store, type “MetaMask” into the text box in the upper left corner and press the “Enter” key to search.

6. Click on “MetaMask” from the search results.

7. Click “Add to Chrome.”

8. Click “Add extension.”

9. This completes the installation of MetaMask.

To create a new wallet

1. After installation, MetaMask launches, displaying the wallet creation screen.

2. Read the terms, check the box, and click “Create a New Wallet.”

3. Click “I Agree.”

4. Enter your desired password in fields ① and ②, check the box at ③, and click “Create New Wallet” at ④.

5. After watching the video about wallet security, click “Secure Your Wallet (Recommended).

6. Click on (1) to display the Secret Recovery Phrase, take notes, and then click on “Next” (2).

7. Confirm the Secret Recovery Phrase.
Enter the recovery phrase you noted down in step 6 into the blank field (1), and click the “Confirm” button (2).

8. Your wallet has now been created. Click “Understood.”

9. Click “Next.”

10. Click “Complete.” You have now finished creating a new wallet in MetaMask.

Importing a Wallet

1. Import your existing wallet into MetaMask.
Check the terms of use and click “Import an existing wallet.”

2. Click “I agree.”

3. Enter the recovery phrase of the wallet you want to import.
After entering, click “Confirm Secret Recovery Phrase.”

4. Set up a password for the imported wallet.
Enter a new password in fields (1) and (2), check the box (3), and click “Import Wallet” (4).

5. Your wallet has been successfully created.
Click the “Understood” button.

Pinning the Wallet to the Toolbar

1. Pin the installed MetaMask to your toolbar.
Click the puzzle piece icon in the top right corner.

2. Click the pin next to MetaMask.

3. Clicking the pin will display the MetaMask icon on your toolbar and turn the pin blue.

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Table of contents