Blind in Virtual Environments: A Unique Lighting Dynamic

Let’s try darkening the area around the avatar using the “Blind” feature.

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What is the Blind Feature?

The Blind feature is a function that darkens the area around the avatar.

With Timer Function

If the timer function is turned ON, the Blind feature will be active only for the duration of the set time.


Without Timer Function

If the timer function is turned OFF, the Blind feature will remain active until the object set with the Blind feature is touched again.


Setting up Blind

When Timer is ON

  1. Select the object and click on the location indicated by a red circle. This will display a list of components.


2. Click on “Blind”.

3. The settings screen will be displayed.

4. Turn the “Timer Function” ON and set the following two points.

Time Set the duration for which the Blind feature will be activated.
Radius Set the range of brightness around the avatar.
Blind Setting Items


5. That concludes the settings.


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Table of contents