Avatar Invisibility in Virtual Environments: Enhancing Stealth and Interaction Dynamics

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What is Avatar Invisibility?

Avatar Invisibility is an innovative feature in virtual environments that enables an avatar to become transparent, pass through objects, or become invisible to others for a specified period. This is made possible by equipping the “Avatar Invisibility” component to an object, known as Object A. When an avatar initiates contact with this object, it triggers a state of invisibility, allowing for unique interaction experiences.

Implementing Avatar Invisibility

Steps to Activate Avatar Invisibility

  1. Selecting the Asset: Start by choosing an asset from the left panel. (Refer to attached image ① for guidance).
  2. Placing Assets on Terrain: Position your selected assets on the terrain. (See attached image ② for reference).
  3. Accessing the Component List: Upon selecting an asset on the terrain, a component list will be displayed on the right panel. (Refer to attached image ③).

Setting Up the Avatar Invisibility Feature

4. Choose Avatar Invisibility Component: From the right panel, select the Avatar Invisibility component.

5. Set Invisibility Duration: Adjust the duration for which the avatar will remain invisible using the slider.

6. Testing the Setup: Click the test button in the upper right corner to verify the Avatar Invisibility settings in a test play.

7. Observing Invisibility in Action: During the test, when the avatar touches the object (trigger activated), the object will disappear, and the avatar becomes invisible to others. Notably, only indicators such as footprint paint will be visible.

Avatar Invisibility introduces a new layer of strategy and engagement in virtual environments, perfect for games requiring stealth tactics or for creating immersive, interactive experiences. It allows users to explore new ways of interacting within the virtual space, enhancing the overall experience.

Ready to Transform Your Virtual Environment? Implement Avatar Invisibility today and unlock new levels of engagement and strategic gameplay! 🌐👻✨

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Table of contents