Let’s try playing background music (BGM) in the world.

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How to Set Background Music (BGM)

If you want to use BGM registered in Builder:

  1. Click on ‘BGM’.

2. Click on the dropdown to select the registered BGM.

3. Click on the ‘play’ icon in the dropdown to listen to the BGM music.

4. Click on the BGM you want to select.

5. Once the selected BGM is displayed, the setup is complete.


If you want to use your own BGM:

Under development

Let’s set the volume for the BGM.

Set the volume for the BGM to be played in the world using the slider.

Let’s set the BGM to play endlessly.

  1. If you want the BGM to play endlessly, turn on “Repeat Playback”.

2. That’s all for the settings.

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Table of contents