Sell space NFT

Let’s actually sell and transfer the space that has been turned into an NFT on the market.

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Try selling the space

  1. Click on the NFT you want to sell from the “XANA Space Collection”.

2. Click “Sell”


3. A settings screen for selling will be displayed.

4. Enter the price you want to sell it for.

5. After entering the price, click the listing button to list it for sale.

6.  The wallet will start up. For those selling space for the first time, ‘Set Approval For All’ (permission to transfer the collection) will be displayed.

7. To sell space, permission to transfer the collection to the wallet in use is required. Please click the confirm button to give permission.

8. When the wallet address is authorized, next, the confirmation for ‘Create Order’ will be displayed.

9. Let’s click ‘Approve’.

10. Make sure that the price you want to sell at is displayed correctly. With this, the setting for selling the NFT is complete.

Try withdrawing the sale of the space.

Let’s try withdrawing an NFT that was for sale on the market.

  1. Click ‘Cancel Sale’.

2. A screen titled ‘Cancel Resale’ will be displayed. Let’s click ‘Confirm’.

3. The wallet will start up, and ‘Cancel Order’ will be displayed.

4. Let’s click ‘Confirm’.

5. Once the transaction is processed, the price of the NFT that was previously set for sale will disappear, and it will change to a not-for-sale state.


Let’s try changing the sale price of the space.

Let’s try to change the sale price of the space.

  1. If you want to change the price, click the ‘Change Sale Price’ button.

2. A screen for changing the price will be displayed.

3. Let’s enter the price you want to change it to.

4. After entering the new price, click the ‘Change’ button.

5. The wallet will start up, and ‘Edit Order’ will be displayed.

6. Let’s click ‘Confirm’.

7. With this, the change in the sale price is complete.


Let’s try transferring the space.

Let’s try to transfer the space.

  1. Click the ‘Transfer’ button for the space you want to transfer.

2. Enter the 6-digit number of two-factor authentication in ①, and enter the recipient’s wallet address in ②.

3. Click the ‘Confirm’ button.

4. The wallet will start up, and ‘TRANSFER’ will be displayed.

5. Click the ‘Confirm’ button.

6. When the transaction processing is completed, a transfer completion screen will be displayed.

7. After a while, the display of the owner will switch, and the button section will change to only the auction button.


Let’s try putting the NFT-ized space up for auction.

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Table of contents