Transport 2023: Introducing Multi-Point Movement in Virtual Spaces

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What is Transport?

Transport is a cutting-edge component designed to add the capability of “multi-point movement” to objects in virtual environments. By applying the Transport component to an object (referred to as object A), users can designate various flag points (like A point, B point, etc.) on the terrain. The object will then autonomously navigate between these flag points, creating a dynamic movement pattern.

How to Use Transport?

Setting Up Transport

  1. Select the Asset: Choose from the left panel (See attached image ①).
  2. Place Assets on Terrain: Position your selected assets on the terrain (See attached image ②).
  3. Access Component List: When you select the asset on the terrain, a component list is displayed on the right panel (See attached image ③).
  4. Choose Transport Component: From the right panel.
  5. Set Moving Speed: Adjust the speed of the object using the slider.
  6. Activate ‘Add Flag’: Enable this to set points for the moving asset.
  7. Placing a Flag: Left-click on the terrain or use two fingers on the trackpad to set a flag (point).
  8. Removing a Flag: Hover over a flag to see “remove” text, then left-click or use two fingers on the trackpad to delete it.
  9. Enable ‘Turn Around’ Feature: This allows the object to change its angle when moving along each flag (point).
  10. Test Your Setup: Click the test button in the upper right corner to confirm the settings of Transport in a test play.

11. Observing the Test Play: During the test, the object will start moving along the flags (points) you set.

Transport introduces a novel way to animate objects within virtual environments, adding a layer of realism and interactivity. This tool is invaluable for creators looking to enhance the dynamism and engagement of their virtual spaces.

Ready to Elevate Your Virtual Environment? Dive into the world of Transport and bring your virtual creations to life with seamless, multi-point movement! 🌍💨🚀

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Table of contents