Transport 2023: Introducing Multi-Point Movement in Virtual Spaces

Let’s try moving multiple set points using the TransPort feature.

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It is a component in the XANA app that moves the set location of an object.


How to configure TransPort

1. Select the object and click on the location of the red circle. Then, a list of components will be displayed.


2. Click on “TransPort.”

3. The details of “TransPort” will be displayed.

4. Let’s configure the details.

Speed Set the speed at which the object moves.
Add Flag Turn it “ON” when adding or removing flags.
Turn Around ON: Proceeds in the direction it is facing. OFF: Always proceeds to face the front part of the world.
Loop ON: If you want to loop the object. OFF: If you want the object to turn back without looping.
Avatar Trigger ON: The object starts moving only when an avatar touches it. OFF: The object is moving continuously from the moment you enter the world.

How to set up flags

Let’s actually set up some flags.

    1. Turn “Add Flag” to ON.

2. Right-click at the location where you want to start the object and place a flag.

3. Place flags at the locations where you want the object to move.


How to delete flags

Let’s actually delete some flags. 1. Turn “Add Flag” to ON.

2. When you hover over a flag, it will change to “Remove.”

3. Hover over the flag you want to delete, right-click, and select “Remove” to delete the flag.


How to change the height of flags

    1. Turn “Add Flag” to ON.

2. When you hover over the flag, it will display “Remove.”

3. While “Remove” is displayed, press and hold Ctrl (or cmd) and move the mouse up or down.


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Table of contents