Build a Deck

Construct the deck needed for battles in NFTDUEL. Decks are created for each game mode.

Note: Locking card NFTs is required for building decks in the Bronze League and beyond in NFTDUEL. Refer to “Locking/Unlocking NFTDUEL Cards” for details.

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Building a New Deck

  1. From the home screen, select “Deck.”

2. When the deck creation screen opens, click the “+” mark at the bottom of the screen.

3. The deck editing screen will open.
First, select the league you want to create a deck for by clicking the “↻” mark on the league icon.
*Each league has a different number of deck cards, and only league-specific decks can be used.

4. Frames for the number of cards required for your league will be displayed.
Drag and drop cards from the list of locked cards displayed on the right to register them.

5. Cards registered in the deck will be displayed as below.
Add the required number of cards for the league to create your own unique deck.

※At least one level 1 card is required to create a deck.

※Genesis cards have a special frame design with a gloss effect and are subject to league-specific quantity restrictions.

5. You can give your created deck a unique name.
Click the “↻” mark right below “New Deck” at the top of the screen and enter a name you like.

6. Finally, click “Save” at the top left to save your created deck.
A screen saying “Deck has been saved” will appear.
Close the screen by clicking the “OK” button.

7. This completes the deck construction. The created deck will be displayed on the deck creation screen.

Deck Requirements

  • Deck Numbers per League

The required number of cards for NFTDUEL decks varies by league.
It starts with 10 cards for the Trial and increases by 5 cards for each ascending league (with an increase of 10 cards only between Pink-Diamond leagues).
There is no change in the number of cards within sub-leagues (e.g., Bronze 1, Bronze 2, Bronze 3).
See below for details.

Trial League: 10 cards

Bronze League: 15 cards

Silver League: 20 cards

Gold League: 25 cards

Pink League: 30 cards

Diamond League: 40 cards

Genesis Card Quantities per League

Genesis cards are incredibly powerful cards with the “Quick Attack” ability (can attack on the turn they are played), thus there are limitations on the number of these cards that can be registered in each league.
See below for details.

Trial League: Not usable

Bronze League: 3 cards
Silver League: 4 cards
Gold League: 5 cards
Pink League: 6 cards
Diamond League: 8 cards

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Table of contents