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Learn the actual method of battling here.

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Starting a Duel

  1. Ensure the selected game mode is correct and select the deck you want to use for the battle.

2. Once the selected deck is confirmed, click “Start Duel.”

3. You’ll move to the waiting screen for the battle, transitioning through “CONNECTING” and “LOADING,” after which the battle begins.

  • CONNECTING・・・Preparing to match with an opponent. You can cancel the battle during the countdown with the blue button at the bottom right. Cancelling will not alter LP or FUEL.
  • LOADING・・・Moving to the Battle after determining the opponent. Canceling is no longer an option.

4. Once the opponent is displayed, the Battle begins.

Understanding the Battle Screen

First, let’s introduce the basic Battle screen.

①Battle Field
Place to summon cards.
Up to 5 can be summoned.

Draw one card per turn and one more upon destroying an opponent’s card.
Up to 8 cards can be held.

Losing all HP results in defeat.
Reduce the opponent’s HP to 0 before yours.
Max HP increases as you ascend leagues.

Needed for summoning cards. The number on the left is remaining mana, and the right is the maximum mana for that turn.
The number on the top left of a card is the mana needed for summoning, which decreases the remaining mana when used.
Mana starts at 1/1 and increases by 1 each turn, with total mana resetting each turn.

Cards added to your hand are drawn from this deck.
The number on the left is the remaining count, and the right is the initial count.
Losing all deck and hand cards also results in defeat, aside from HP reaching 0.

⑥Opponent’s Field
The same elements displayed on your field are shown on the opponent’s.
Strategize by checking their HP and hand.

Battle Flow & Determining Victory

Let’s look at the actual flow of a battle, conducted as follows:

  1. Mulligan (Hand Exchange)
  2. Determining First/Second Turn
  3. Draw
  4. Battle Phase
  5. Turn End

After deciding the first and second turn, repeat steps 3 to 5 alternately with the opponent, strategizing towards victory.
There are two victory conditions.

  1. Reduce the opponent’s HP to 0.
  2. Deplete the opponent’s deck and hand to 0 cards.

While there are two victory conditions, if both conditions are met simultaneously, “1.
Reduce the opponent’s HP to 0″ takes precedence.

Mulligan (Hand Exchange)

At the start of the Battle, 5 cards are randomly dealt as your hand.
During the Mulligan phase, you can exchange these 5 cards.
Select cards to exchange and press “OK.”
The selected cards return to the deck, and an equal number of cards are drawn randomly.
This phase only occurs once at the battle’s start.

Selected cards will dim. Press “OK” if everything looks good.

Battle Phase

The battle starts automatically determining the first and second turn, with the first turn for the first player not including a card draw.

During the Battle Phase, you can:

  • Summon cards
  • Attack opponent cards
  • Directly attack the opponent
  • End Turn

Card Summoning

To attack, you need to summon cards to the field.

  1. Select the card you wish to summon from your hand and drag & drop it onto the Battle Field.
    ※You cannot summon a card if its cost exceeds your remaining mana.
    Summonable cards will have a green-lit frame.

2. Cards are summoned in a sleep state and cannot act that turn.
Abilities that activate upon summoning will be triggered then.
※As an exception, GENESIS cards can act the turn they are summoned with the “Quick Attack” ability.
Note that there are exceptions due to abilities.

Sleeping cards do not glow, while actionable cards have a green-lit frame.

Attacking Opponent Cards

If you have cards capable of attacking on your field, you can attack opponent cards or directly attack the opponent if no opponent cards are on the field.

  1. Drag an attack-capable card from your field and drop it on the target you wish to attack. Attack-capable cards have a green-lit frame.

2. The card’s original health will be deducted from HP if it’s destroyed.

Directly Attacking the Opponent

You can directly attack the opponent if there are no opponent cards on the field.
Drag an attack-capable card and drop it on the opponent icon.
Direct attacks deduct the card’s attack power from the opponent’s HP.

End Turn

Once you’ve completed summoning and attacking in your turn, end your turn.
Each turn lasts 60 seconds, and the turn will automatically end if 60 seconds pass.

Battle Conclusion

The battle ends when either of the following conditions is met:

  1. The opponent’s HP is reduced to 0.
  2. The opponent’s deck and hand are depleted to 0 cards.

Check the victory/defeat, LP, and FUEL changes on the ending screen.

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Table of contents