Random Numbers 2023: Bringing the Element of Chance into Virtual Environments

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What is Random Numbers?

Random Numbers is an innovative component in virtual environments that allows for the generation of random numbers, akin to rolling dice. By incorporating the Random Numbers component into an object, when an avatar interacts with it (trigger activation), it can display a number randomly selected within a predefined range (from a minimum to a maximum value).

How to Use Random Numbers?

Implementing Random Numbers in Virtual Spaces

  1. Select an Asset: Choose from the left panel (Refer to attached image ①).
  2. Place Assets on Terrain: Position your chosen assets on the terrain (See attached image ②).
  3. Access Component List: When you select the asset on the terrain, a component list will be displayed on the right panel (Refer to attached image ③).

4. Choose Random Numbers Component: From the options on the right panel.
5. Set Number Range: Enter the minimum and maximum values for the random number generation.

6. Test Your Configuration: Click the test button in the upper right corner to verify the Random Number settings in a test play.

7. Random Number Display: When an Avatar interacts with the object (trigger activation), a random number from the set range is displayed.

Random Numbers component adds a layer of unpredictability and excitement to virtual environments, making it perfect for games and simulations where the element of chance is desired. This feature enhances user engagement by introducing unexpected outcomes in virtual interactions.

Ready to Introduce Chance into Your Virtual World? Implement the Random Numbers component today and watch as each interaction brings a new, unpredictable twist! 🎲🌐✨

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Table of contents