Narration in Virtual Environments: Enhancing Interaction with Preset Texts

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What is Narration?

Narration is a crucial component in virtual environments, designed to display preset texts for various purposes like guiding game progress or providing instructions. It comes in two distinctive styles:

  • [Trigger Narration]: By equipping an object with the Narration (Trigger) component, interaction with an avatar activates a text box at the top of the screen.
  • [Story Narration]: The Narration (Story) component, when attached to an object, displays text at the top of the screen, appearing one letter at a time following avatar interaction.

Differences from Similar Components

  • Narration: Features a fixed-size text box that remains in a consistent position, regardless of camera zoom.
  • Info Popup: In contrast, this component’s display size varies with camera zoom and is positioned directly above the addressed object.

How to Implement Narration?

Setting Up Trigger Narration

  1. Select an Asset: From the left panel. (See attached image ①)
  2. Place Assets on Terrain: Position your chosen assets on the terrain. (Refer to attached image ②)
  3. Component List Access: Upon selecting an asset on the terrain, a component list will be displayed on the right panel. (See attached image ③

4. Choose Narration Component: From the components in the right panel.

Creating Trigger Narration

  1. Activate Trigger Narration: (Note: Story Narration is coming soon).
  2. Input Text in Text Box: Click on trigger narration to open a text box for entering the desired text.

3. Testing the Setup: Use the test button in the upper right corner to confirm the narration settings in a test play.

4. Narration Activation in Test Play: When the avatar contacts the object, the set text appears as narration.

Narration adds a dynamic and engaging layer to virtual environments, making them more immersive and informative. It is particularly effective in games and interactive settings where guiding text can significantly enhance user experience.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Virtual Environment? Implement Narration today to transform your virtual spaces into more engaging and interactive experiences! 🌐📚✨

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Table of contents