Display Message 2023: Enhancing Communication in Virtual Spaces

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What is Display Message?

Display Message is a versatile component in virtual environments that enables the display of timed messages. This tool is particularly useful for conveying information or instructions within a virtual space. By equipping the Display Message component to an object, messages are shown for a set duration when an avatar interacts with designated objects (Object A for the start message, Object B for the end message).

How to Use Display Message?

Implementing the Display Message Component

  1. Select an Asset: Choose from the left panel (See attached image ①).
  2. Place Assets on Terrain: Position the selected assets on the terrain (Refer to attached image ②).
  3. Component List Display: When an asset is selected on the terrain, a component list will appear on the right panel (See attached image ③).

4. Choose Display Message Component: From the right panel.

5. Configure Starting Message: Select the first asset to set the starting point value and the duration for displaying a message.

6. Enter Start Message: Write your start message in the provided text box.

7. Setup End Message: Select the second asset, mark the end point, and write the end message in the new text box that appears.

8. Test Your Setup: Click the test button in the upper right corner to verify the Display Message settings in a test play.

9. Start Message Activation: During test play, interacting with the first object (trigger activation) displays the start message and timing you have set.

10. End Message Activation: Interaction with the second object (trigger activation) concludes the timing of the first message and displays the end message.

Display Message component adds a dynamic layer of interaction in virtual environments, allowing creators to effectively communicate with users through timely and context-specific messages. This enhances the user experience, making virtual navigation and task completion more intuitive.

Ready to Communicate More Effectively in Your Virtual World? Start using the Display Message component today and elevate the way you interact with users in your virtual environment! 🌐💬🚀

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Table of contents