Launch and log in to NFTDUEL

Let’s actually launch NFTDUEL and try logging in.

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Launch NFTDuel

1. Let’s try launching the installed NFTDUEL.

The icon of NFTDUEL

2. Click on the icon of NFTDUEL to launch the app.

3. If it launches successfully, a screen like the following will be displayed.

Note: In the case of Mac

In the case of Mac, a confirmation screen may appear when launching NFTDUEL for the first time. If this happens, please click ‘Open’.

Login to NFTDuel

There are two ways to log in, as follows.

  • Login with E-mail
  • Login with Wallet

Login using E-mail

<<Currently Suspended>>

Login using a Wallet

Let’s try logging in with a wallet.

1.Launch NFTDUEL and click “Login.”

2. Once again, the ‘Wallet Login’ screen will appear, so click on ‘Wallet Login’.

3. The browser will automatically launch, and the Chainsafe and wallet app will start. Enter your password and unlock it.

Important note about the browser!!!

The browser that launches here is the one set as the “default browser.” Please ensure that wallet apps like MetaMask are prepared in the “default browser.”

For Users with Multiple Wallets on First-Time Use Only

If you have multiple accounts in your wallet, the following screen will appear only the first time.
If displayed, please select the checkbox of the wallet (①) you wish to use. After selecting, click “Next” (②).

4. If a “Connect to chainsafe” permission confirmation screen appears, click “Connect” to allow the connection.

5. When the request for signature screen appears, click the signature button.

6. Once the signature is complete, the following screen will appear. Please click the “Copy” button.

7. Clicking “Copy” will change the button’s name to “Copied.
” Once the button name changes, the XANA:Builder app will start loading, so please wait until it finishes loading.

8. If the login is successful and NFTDUEL launches, the avatar selection screen will be displayed the first time. Choose your favorite avatar and click “OK.”

9. After selecting an avatar, you will enter the name input screen. Enter your desired name and click “OK.”

10. After selecting the avatar and entering the name, the following screen will be displayed.
This is the Home screen of NFTDUEL.

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Table of contents