Publish world

Let’s publish the world you created to the XANA app.

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Publish the world

1. Click on “Publish” in the upper right corner.

2. Click on “Confirm”.

3. The settings screen for registering the world will be displayed.

  1. World Name
  2. Detailed Description of the World
  3. Category of the World for this Instance
  4. Tags for the World for this Instance
  5. World Image
  6. Disclaimer

4. Enter the name of the world in “World Name”, and write the description of the world in “World Description”.

5. Click on the dropdown menu for “Category”.

6. Select the relevant category.

7. Add tags to the world you want to publish by clicking on the relevant ones.

8. Set the thumbnail. There are two ways to set the thumbnail:

How to set a world screenshot as the thumbnail:

Here’s how to set a world screenshot as the thumbnail:

8-1-1. Click on the “Camera” icon.

8-1-2. The world screenshot screen will open. Button ① is used to toggle the ground grid ON/OFF. Use button ②, the camera button, to capture the screen.


In XANAWeb, all parts are displayed as thumbnails, but in the XANA app, only the parts within “for APP” are displayed as images.

8-1-3. The captured image will be temporarily saved on the right side.

8-1-4. Check the box next to the thumbnail you like (①), then click “Confirm”.

8-1-5. The thumbnail you captured earlier will be set.

How to use a separately created file as the thumbnail:

Here’s how to use a separately created file as the thumbnail:

8-2-1. Click on “Upload Image”.

8-2-2. Click on “Upload Image” again.

8-2-3. Select the file you want to use and click “Open”.

8-2-4. Trim the image file.

8-2-5. Click the “Confirm” button once you’ve positioned the image in the best location.

8-2-6. The trimmed image file will be set as the thumbnail.

If you want to edit the uploaded thumbnail:

Here’s how to edit the uploaded thumbnail:

8-3-1. Click on the “…” located at the top right of the set thumbnail.

8-3-2. Choose the method you want to use for correction:

  • If you want to upload the file again, click on “Upload Again” and proceed to “8-2-2“.
  • If you want to retake a picture of the world, click on “Retake a Picture” and proceed to “8-1-2“.


9. Read the disclaimer carefully and check the box.

10. Click the “Publish” button to publish to the XANA app.

11. Please wait a moment while the upload is being processed in the app.

12. The world published to the XANA app will move to the “Published” tab.

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Table of contents