Change object color

Let’s try changing the color of an object placed in XANA:Builder.

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How to Change the Color of an Object

Enter the color code directly

1. “Click on the color code field on the right side.”

2. Enter the color code in the first six digits. (Leave the last two digits as they are)

3. Pressing the Enter key changes the color of the specified object.

Change with Color Picker/Gradient Color

Change the color with the color picker

Select a color with the color picker, as shown in the video below.

Change the shade of color using the gradient color option.

Select the color using the gradient color slider.

Select a color using the eyedropper tool.

1. “Click on the ‘Eyedropper’ located on the right side.”

2. Move the cursor to the area of the object where you want to copy the color and click. (The color is automatically saved.)

How to Save the Created Color

If you want to save the color you created, click on the ‘+’ sign.

How to Delete a Saved Color

If you want to delete a saved color, hover the cursor over the color you want to delete and ‘right-click’.


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Table of contents