Installing the NFTDUEL App

Install NFTDUEL from XANA’s Website

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Download the app from the official site

Let’s download from XANA’s official site (http://xana.net/app).

1. Go to XANA’s official site, and click “Download” found in the “Menu” on the left side of the screen.

2. Clicking on download will show options for “Mac” and “Win.” Decide which version to download based on the PC you wish to install the app on.

If you are using a Mac

1. If you want to install on a Mac, click “NFTDUEL (Mac)” to download the app.

2. Choose a location to save the downloaded file and save it.

3. Launching the downloaded file will bring up the installation screen.
Please move the NFTDUEL icon to the Applications folder.

4. This completes the installation of NFTDUEL for Mac.

If you are using a Windows PC

1. If you want to install on a Windows PC, click “NFTDUEL (Win)” to download the app.

2. Launch the downloaded file and proceed with the installation.

3. If you have antivirus software like “Windows Defender,” you might see a screen like below.
Click “More info” in this case. (If this screen does not appear, proceed to step 5)

4. Clicking “More info” in step 3 will bring up a screen like below. Click “Run.”

5. A screen like the one below will appear. Click “Yes.”

6. The installation screen for NFTDUEL will start. Click “Next.”

7. If there are no changes to the installation destination, click “Next.”
If you want to change it, use “Browse…”

8. Click “Next.”

9. Click “Install.”

10. Please wait until the installation is complete.

11. Installation is complete. Click “Finish” to conclude.

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Table of contents