Explore the Latest Wonders in XANA Metaverse App: v24.04.03

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Update Information

  1. Innovative Features Revealed

    • Overall optimization and performance enhancements to improve the user experience.
    • Improved selfie quality during capture.
    • Video playback now continues when the user minimizes the XANA App.
  2. Bug Fixes for a Seamless Experience

    • Water terrain now displays correctly in selfies in portrait mode.
    • Fixed app logout issue when returning from AR video mode and XANA World.
    • Real-time chat display problem has been fixed.
    • Video playback issues in the XANA Lobby have been addressed.
    • Loaders now display consistently throughout the XANA App.
    • Some other minor bug fixes.
  3. Important Notices and Reminders

    • Regarding wallet login, you may not be able to log in unless the MetaMask app is launched in advance.
      Please follow the steps below for wallet login.

      1. Open the MetaMask app in advance and select the account you will use to log in.
      2. Tap the wallet login button in the XANA app.
      3. When the MetaMask app appears, tap the MetaMask browser icon to open the MetaMask browser.
      4. On the MetaMask browser, a “Sign” button will appear, so tap the “Sign” button, then tap the “Copy” button that appears on the browser.
      5. Manually switch back to the XANA app, and after a while, the wallet login will be completed.

Download the Latest XANA Metaverse Mobile App:

User Manuals for Seamless Experience:

※The procedure manual for XANA 2.0 is currently under preparation. Therefore, the manual above is the manual for the previous version.

Compatible devices for optimal performance

  • Android: Snapdragon 855, 6GB RAM, 3GB of free storage space, or more (devices with a total Antutu v10 score of over 500,000 are recommended)
  • iOS: iPhone 11 (A13 Bionic, 4GB RAM) 3GB of free storage space, or more

To maximize the XANA experience

  • Up to 10 users can connect simultaneously within one world.
  • Note: Exceeding this number will result in the creation of a separate instance.

Important Considerations

  • In the alpha version, load times may be longer, and the app may crash.
  • To achieve the best performance, please use it in a high-speed Wi-Fi environment.

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Table of contents