Oarai Town, Japan Embraces XANA for Local Revitalization

Oarai Town’s local government in Japan has taken a significant step in integrating Web3 metaverse technology into its local economy. This initiative includes the distribution of a special limited edition NFTDUEL Penpenz support card (Oarai-Cho edition) from XANA.

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Key Details of the Collaboration

Tax Payment Benefits

  • Purpose: Supporting the local economy of Oarai Town.
  • Offer: Receive a special edition NFTDUEL Penpenz card for making tax payments to Oarai Town.
  • Sale Period: December 24, 2022, to January 29, 2023.
  • Pack Prices:
    • 1 Pack: 10,000 JPY
    • 4 Packs: 30,000 JPY

How to Participate

  • Registration: Sign up as a member on Furusato Choice.
  • Selection: Choose a product from the Returned Products of Oarai-Cho, Ibaraki Prefecture.
  • Payment Methods: Options include Credit Card, Convenience Store Payment, etc.
  • Tax Deduction: Limited to the amount of your tax liability.

Post-Purchase Process

  • Email Notification: After completing the steps, you’ll receive an email.
  • Wallet Address Submission: Reply to the email with your wallet address.
  • NFT Distribution: Await the distribution of the XANA PENPENZ in your Wallet by the end of February.

Support Oarai Town and Get Exclusive NFTs

Join this unique opportunity to support Oarai Town’s local economy and be rewarded with exclusive XANA NFTDUEL Penpenz cards. Make your tax payments now, contribute to regional revitalization, and become a part of the exciting Web3 metaverse journey with Oarai Town and XANA!

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Table of contents