LAND Staking (Cycle 7) Now Open in XANA Metaverse

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XANA Metaverse invites users to participate in the exciting LAND Staking (Cycle 7), offering unique rewards and opportunities to enhance your virtual experience.

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LAND Staking Cycle 7: Schedule & Rewards

Staking Periods

  • Campaign Period: Jan 16, 12:00 – Jan 29, 12:00 UTC
  • Join Ruffle Period: Jan 29, 12:00 – Jan 31, 12:00 UTC

How to Stake LAND

Cycle 7 Rewards

  1. XANA:Land (Common): Essential NFT for the XANA Metaverse. Build, rent, trade, and stake.
  2. XANA:Genesis Animation Plugin v1: Bring AI NFTs to life with animations and expressions.
  3. CryptoNinja NFTDUEL Card Pack: Engage in an on-chain gaming experience with the extensive NFT collection.
  4. Rare Avatar Item: Exclusive brand wearables for your Metaverse avatar.
  5. In-App Currency: For purchasing assets or wearables in the XANA Metaverse App.

$XETA Staking: Amplify Your Metaverse Experience

Staking with $XETA tokens and LAND unlocks benefits across the XANA ecosystem, including LAND, games, DeFi, NFTs, and brand applications.

  • Staking Procedure: Easy login on our website to begin staking.
  • Phased Rewards: Rewards grow with each staking phase.
  • Scalable Benefits: More staked tokens lead to larger rewards.

Excited to Unveil Your Potential

We look forward to seeing the innovative ways users will utilize their $XETA and LAND in the XANA ecosystem.

Staking Mechanics

  • Campaign Period: Stake only during this period. Tickets earned every 24 hours.
  • Join Ruffle Period: Exchange tickets obtained from staking to participate in the ruffle.
  • Reward Announcement: Lottery results post-ruffle period with options to claim staking rewards.

Flexibility in Staking

Users have the freedom to unstake at any time, providing flexibility and control over their assets in the Metaverse.

Join the LAND Staking Journey in XANA

Step into the world of XANA Metaverse and make the most of your virtual assets through LAND Staking. With exclusive rewards and a dynamic ecosystem, your Metaverse journey is just beginning. Stake now and unlock the potential of your LAND and $XETA tokens!

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Table of contents