Latest NFTDUEL Update: v23.07.13

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Important Notices for the Latest Update

Temporary Non-Notarization and Quality Assurance

  • Warning Popup on Startup: Due to wallet connect issues, this version is temporarily not notarized. Users will see a warning popup at startup, but rest assured, this does not affect the quality of the game.

Gameplay Adjustments and Fixes

  • Turn End Button Issue: There may be cases where the “Turn End” button cannot be pressed on the first turn of the second player. In such instances, please wait for the turn to end automatically.
  • Wallet Login Fix: Resolved issues related to wallet login. Currently, only Metamask is supported.
  • Japanese Display Optimization: Enhanced the display of Japanese text for a better user experience.
  • CryptoNinja Card Abilities: Implementation of CryptoNinja card abilities to enhance gameplay.
  • Status Icon Display: Addition of status icons for better gameplay understanding.
  • LP and FUEL Adjustments: Modification of LP and FUEL changes due to Battle results (On-Chain).
  • League Affiliation Consistency: The user’s league affiliation remains constant throughout the same season.
  • Volume Setting Change: Default volume setting adjusted from 100% to 50% for improved user experience.

Battle Availability in This Version

  • Eligibility: All users (no Alpapass, Ultraman Genesis, Astroboy Genesis NFT required).
  • Modes: Casual mode (PvNPC and PvP) and League mode (PvP only).
  • Card Usage: Only cards held at XANAChain can be utilized.

Ability Details and Modifications

  • DAO Sheet for Abilities: For detailed information about abilities, visit Ability Details DAO Sheet.
  • Feedback and Assistance: If experiencing issues or to provide requests, please detail them in the DAO Feedback Sheet. For immediate assistance, contact the XANA customer support team for personalized help.

Download Information

Compatible Devices Specifications

Windows Requirements

  • OS: Windows 8.1/10 (64-bit)
  • Processor, Memory, Graphics: Detailed specifications mentioned above.
  • Storage: 5 GB available space

Mac Requirements

  • OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13+ and other specifications as listed.

Important Note

  • Device Specifications: Ensure your computer meets or exceeds these requirements to avoid UI collapse or other bugs.


Experience the enhanced world of NFTDUEL with the latest update! Dive into strategic gameplay with new improvements and fixes. Download NFTDUEL 23.07.13 now and elevate your gaming experience!”

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Table of contents