How To Lock/Unlock XANA: Genesis NFTs in XANALIA

This Manual shows how to Lock/Unlock NFTs in XANALIA.*

1. Go to xanalia.com and log in with the account which owns XANA: Genesis NFT.

2. Go to the collections page from the sidebar and open the XANA: Genesis collection.

3. Move to the Owned tab in XANA: Genesis collection. There you will find the Lock/Unlock Buttons.

4. To lock your NFT, click the Lock button and select the NFTs from there.

5. Once you select the NFTs, click the Done button and confirm the transaction from MetaMask.

6. Once the transaction is completed, your NFT will be locked. You can check that from the detail page or the icon on the card.

7. Conversely, to unlock the NFT, go to the Owned tab of the same collection (XANA: Genesis) and click on the Unlock button.

8. Now select the already Locked NFTs to Unlock them. Once you are done selecting the NFTs, click the Done button.

9. After clicking the Done button, confirm the transaction from the MetaMask.

10. After completing the transaction, you can confirm the unlocked NFT from the NFT card or its detail page.

Now your NFT is unlocked.

*This feature is only available for XANA: Genesis collection on XANALIA.

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