XANA: Festival 2 – A Fusion of Metaverse, AI, and Entertainment!

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Introduction to XANA: Festival 2

The Essence of Metaverse Entertainment

  • Metaverse and Entertainment: XANA exemplifies the fusion of entertainment and the metaverse.
  • Mobile Immersion: Offering immersive events accessible via mobile devices.

XANA: Festival 2 Highlights

An Event of AI Performances and Anime Beats

  • Event Success: Following the first event’s triumph, XANA: Festival 2 is set to dazzle.
  • Features: Expect captivating AI performances by XANA: Genesis and a special Anime music mix by Rio, the founder of XANA, as the DJ.
  • New App Features: Download the updated app next week to enhance your experience.
  • Opening Acts: The event will commence with a showcase of XANA: Penpenz AI Arts by over 500 DAO creators and a new avatar fashion show.

Event Schedule

Detailed Itinerary for XANA: Festival 2

  • Date: February 3rd, 2023.
  • Time Zone: UTC.

Schedule Breakdown

  • 11:30: Doors Open.
  • 11:40: XANA: Penpenz AI Art Showcase.
  • 11:55: XANA’s New Wearable Fashion Show.
  • 12:00: Rio & XANA: Genesis DJ Dance Party (J-pop night theme).
  • 13:00: Event Conclusion.

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Table of contents