NFTDUEL Alpha Test League Season 2 is Restarting

NFTDUEL Alpha Test League Season 2 is making a comeback, offering players a renewed opportunity to engage in competitive battles and vie for top ranks. This event provides a platform for players to showcase their skills and win significant rewards.

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League Details and Schedule

Event Duration

  • Date and Time: The league runs from 10.24.12:00 to 11.07.12:00 (UTC).

Eligibility and Prize Conditions

  • Eligibility: Open to ULTRAMAN / Astroboy Genesis and XANA Alpha Pass holders.
  • Prize Distribution: The top two players in each league on the ranking board will receive prizes at the end of the tournament.

Reward Structure

  • Prizes: Include Prism card NFTs and Duel tokens, with a total value of $1,400.
    • Silver 2: 1st = Lv.5 Prism Card + $300, 2nd = $240
    • Silver 1: 1st = Lv.4 Prism Card + $200, 2nd = $160
    • Bronze 3: 1st = Lv.3 Prism Card + $130, 2nd = $110
    • Bronze 2: 1st = Lv.2 Prism Card + $90, 2nd = $70
    • Bronze 1: 1st = Lv.1 Prism Card + $60, 2nd = $40

Important Guidelines and Rules

League Fairness and Battle Limit

  • LP Reset: At 13:30 (UTC) on 10.24, all players’ LP will be set to 0 to ensure a fair start.
  • Battle Limit: A cap of 5 battles per day (24 hours) is imposed.

Alpha Test League Specifics

  • This season is primarily for testing purposes, allowing participation without initially required NFT cards and DUEL tokens.
  • The actual league will require these elements, with more extensive rewards offered.

Additional Important Notes

  1. Daily Battle Limits: To address issues with exceeding the 5 battles per day limit, measures like LP adjustment will be implemented for fairness.
  2. 60-Second Rule: Players should complete their operations before the last 4 seconds due to a temporary measure addressing synchronization issues.

Download and Installation

Exclusive Links for League Participation

Eligibility for Scoring

  • Players must use the latest app version (22.10.20) to be eligible for scoring. Failure to update will result in disqualification and elevation of lower-ranked players.

System Requirements and Support

  • Ensure your device meets or exceeds the required specifications to avoid potential issues.
  • For urgent bug-related concerns, contact Xanalia’s customer support team for individualized assistance.

Join the Exciting Restart of NFTDUEL Alpha Test League Season 2

Gear up for the renewed challenge in the NFTDUEL Alpha Test League Season 2. Download the latest version, abide by the rules, and dive into the arena for a chance to claim impressive prizes. Join now and be a part of the thrilling competitive experience!

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Table of contents