NFTDUEL – CryptoNinja Genesis NFT Card Sale

NFTDUEL – We will be selling CryptoNinja Genesis NFT cards as follows.
※We have decided to change our policy to hold two sales: the first sale (payment in ETH) and the second sale (payment in XETA).

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Sale Details

Sale Types

  • Arrow List Sale: Available for purchase to holders of Arrow List wallets only, up to their Arrow List holdings.
  • Public Sale: Available to everyone, no purchase limits (while supplies last).

Please refer to the following spreadsheet for information regarding Arrow List wallet holdings and allocated Arrow List numbers:
List of Arrow List Wallet Addresses

Sales Schedule

  • 1st
    • Arrow List Sale: June 22 (Sat) 12:00 – June 23 (Sun) 12:00 (UTC)
    • Public Sale: June 23 (Sun) 12:10 – June 24 (Mon) 12:00 (UTC)
  • 2nd
    • Arrow List Sale: June 26 (Wed) 12:00 – June 27 (Wed) 12:00 (UTC)
    • Public Sale: June 27 (Wed) 12:10 – June 28 (Fri) 12:00 (UTC)

※f the number of unsold NFTs from the first sale is fewer than the unused AL tokens, we will add 500 more NFTs to the available inventory for the second sale.

Unit of Sale

The sale will be conducted on a per NFT basis.

Price and Payment Method

Price: Approximately $200

  • 1st
    • For wallet login: 0.057 ETH *Payment in ETH (Ethereum chain)
    • For Web2 login (Email, etc.): 33,000 JPY *Payment in Japanese Yen (credit card payment)
  • 2nd
    • For wallet login: 33,500 XETA *Payment in XETA (XANAChain)
    • For Web2 login (Email, etc.): 33,000 JPY *Payment in Japanese Yen (credit card payment)

※When making cryptocurrency payments via wallet login for NFT purchases, additional gas fees are required apart from the NFT price. If there is insufficient gas in your wallet, the gas fee estimate will result in an error. Please ensure that your wallet contains sufficient gas beforehand to avoid issues.
※If you encounter an issue where you are unable to click the “Pay” button on the credit card payment input screen, clearing your browser cache may resolve the issue. Please try clearing your browser cache and attempting the payment again. Thank you for your understanding.

Sales Site URL

  • 1st (ETH)


  • 2nd (XETA)


Number of Units for Sale

  • 500 NFTs

NFT DUEL – CryptoNinja Genesis Collection URL

Notes / Disclaimer

We recommend purchasing on a PC (personal computer).

  • Minting on the minting site is recommended on a PC. Please ensure that you can connect your wallet (Wallet Connect) in advance before participating. Please note that on smartphones, some models or environments may not be supported due to reasons such as outdated versions of apps like MetaMask or incorrect selection of blockchain types. Many users have faced issues connecting their wallets in the past. Please confirm that you can connect your wallet before minting. If you are unable to connect, please understand that participation will be limited to PCs only.

Verification of Ownership Confirmation

  • The reflection of ownership in the “Owned” tab for XANA NFTs may occur immediately after transactions or other processes, but it can take up to 24 hours to appear. If you do not see your ownership reflected after some time, please check blockchain information such as “https://xanachain.xana.net/“. If you cannot confirm your purchase on the blockchain, please contact support for assistance.

Customer Support

  • Please make sure to carefully read and review the notes and disclaimers mentioned above.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer Support via the chat icon located at the bottom right of the XANA NFT page (https://xana.net/nft/). Thank you.

Other Disclaimers

  • This NFT is not intended for investment or speculative purposes.
  • The secondary trading of NFTs is driven by supply and demand among users. As a result, please understand that transactions may fail to materialize or the resale price may fall below the purchase price. Please proceed with your purchase at your own discretion and responsibility.
  • Please note that the contents of our official website and official announcements may be subject to change without prior notice after their release. Additionally, NFTs with utility available through mobile apps may become unusable due to regulatory changes in platforms like the Apple Store or Google Play. Therefore, refunds due to changes in usage or functionality after purchase cannot be accommodated. Please understand this in advance.
  • Please note that refunds will not be provided for changes in usage or functionality after purchase. Please understand this policy in advance.
  • Please rest assured that in cases where you are unable to purchase an NFT due to system malfunctions at the time of purchase or afterward, or if you encounter issues with resale, we will handle each case individually. However, please note that we cannot accommodate any requests for refunds or compensation under any circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.
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Table of contents